New Trilegiant Loyalty Solutions Incentive Allows Businesses to Reward Customers

RICHMOND, Va., April 15 /PRNewswire/ — Trilegiant Loyalty Solutions (TLS) has unveiled its latest incentive program, Rewards Cash(SM) Plus, through a collaboration with Destination Rewards, Inc.

The program allows businesses to continually reward their customers with valuable savings toward the purchase of travel, entertainment and personal items.

With this program, TLS’ clients provide membership cards to their customers, allowing them access to Rewards Cash(SM) Plus accounts. Each account has a “Rewards Cash(SM)” balance that gives the customer real cash value, providing instant point of sale savings off already competitive prices on hotel stays and condo rentals, magazines, DVD movies, movie tickets, and more.

Customers access the business’ brand-specific Web sites, which TLS provides, to make their purchases. After using the Rewards Cash(SM) Plus dollars, the customer can use a major credit card to pay any remaining balance. On a regular basis, businesses can “reload” each customer’s Rewards Cash(SM) Plus account with a dollar amount, rewarding them for their loyalty.

“Rewards Cash(SM) Plus creates a win-win situation for businesses and their customers,” said Marti Beller, TLS president. “Businesses now have a new, cost-effective way to reward and retain customers, while customers will receive valuable savings on a variety of attractive travel, entertainment and personal items.”

Beller explained that unlike traditional loyalty programs, Rewards Cash(SM) Plus is unique in that businesses do not bear the cost of the rewards. As such, Rewards Cash(SM) Plus works well for companies that want to incentivize their customers in an ongoing fashion, but cannot make the financial commitment associated with a full-blown loyalty program. She added that the program is easy for businesses to implement, as TLS manages the entire process.

“This new incentive is ideal for financial services companies, subscription-based service providers, retailers or any other business looking to economically reward its customers on an ongoing basis,” Beller said. “For example, wireless companies looking for new ways to distinguish themselves as value-added providers will benefit from recognizing their customers each month by reloading their cards with a Rewards Cash(SM) amount. Also, financial services companies can use this affordable incentive as part of their debit card offerings to help build loyalty among customers.”

Earlier this year, TLS launched the successful Rewards Cash(SM) incentive program. Unlike the new reloadable Rewards Cash(SM) Plus, Rewards Cash(SM) is meant to be a one-time incentive or premium for businesses to offer their customers.

About TLS

For nearly 25 years, TLS has been a pioneer in the loyalty industry, having developed groundbreaking products that are now found in nearly every wallet in America. From private-label rewards programs to time and money saving products, TLS offers a full range of customized solutions to businesses in a diverse array of industries, each designed for converting customers into fans.

As a leader in innovation, TLS is defined by an uncommon dedication to its clients, and has delivered compelling results to more than 175 high-profile companies in the form of increased loyalty, competitive differentiation, savings on commodity products, and overall improved profitability.

Visit for more information. TLS is the loyalty marketing division of New York-based Cendant Corporation, a rapidly growing Fortune 500 company and one of the foremost providers of travel and real estate services in the world.

About Destination Rewards

Boca Raton, Florida-based Destination Rewards, Inc. launched its revolutionary approach to the loyalty and incentive market in 2001. A diverse team of marketing, incentive and travel industry standouts came together to create an innovative concept enabling companies to deliver valuable loyalty and incentive benefits to their customers and potential customers at dramatically reduced costs.

The patent pending method integrates travel and other entertainment products with a proprietary technology platform connected to suppliers in real-time. The product cost and flexibility offer clients an unparalleled value proposition and a variety of solutions never previously available.

Further information about the company’s products and services can be viewed at

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