Odyssey’s Shipwreck & Treasure Adventure to Re-Open in New Orleans

New Orleans Return Tells Tale of Two Hurricanes, 140 Years Apart

TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 19 /PRNewswire/ — Odyssey’s Shipwreck & Treasure Adventure, an interactive shipwreck exploration attraction will re-open in New Orleans, on Wednesday, February 15, 2006.

The attraction, which features the SS Republic shipwreck, tells an amazing story of hurricane survival. In 1865, the Republic sank in a raging hurricane while steaming toward New Orleans from New York. After an exhaustive search, Odyssey Marine Exploration discovered the Republic 1,700 feet deep in the Atlantic Ocean in 2003. An estimated $75 million in coins and thousands of historical artifacts were recovered during Odyssey’s archaeological excavation of the shipwreck site.

Fast forward to August 27, 2005. As Odyssey’s employees and guests dance through the streets of the French Quarter in a Second Line Parade to celebrate the attraction’s Grand Opening, Hurricane Katrina is edging ever closer to the Gulf Coast. Just hours after its public debut, Odyssey’s Shipwreck & Treasure Adventure is closed to prepare for the storm’s arrival. Once again, 140 years later, the Republic’s coins and artifacts are in the path of yet another devastating hurricane. Remarkably, they survived and were safely recovered from the harsh storm’s indiscriminate destruction.

However, despite two hurricanes and more than a century’s time, New Orleans remains the Republic’s destiny. Items overdue since 1865 are now at their intended destination. And now the public will be able to personally view the ship’s historic coins and artifacts while also interactively experiencing multimedia exhibits that recreate the excitement and adventure of deep-ocean shipwreck exploration and discovery.

Located in the Jax Brewery in the French Quarter, Odyssey’s Shipwreck & Treasure Adventure appeals to the universal fascination with shipwrecks and sunken treasure. The attraction reveals the compelling stories behind some of the world’s most famous shipwrecks, their treasure and historical artifacts, while encouraging visitors to experience the excitement of deep-ocean shipwreck exploration through multiple interactive exhibits. Odyssey’s Shipwreck & Treasure Adventure appeals to both children and adults and to advanced or amateur ocean explorers alike.

“What a remarkable journey it’s been finally returning the Republic’s amazing cargo of treasure and artifacts to New Orleans. We are certain the public will not only be fascinated by the Republic’s incredible history and holdings, but they’ll also thoroughly enjoy experiencing what it’s like to be a deep-ocean shipwreck explorer. We are delighted to play a role in the economic rebuilding of New Orleans — a city not only deeply connected to the SS Republic shipwreck, but also to our nation’s illustrious history,” said Greg Stemm, Odyssey’s co-founder.

Odyssey’s Shipwreck & Treasure Adventure’s initial regular hours of operation will be Wednesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Cost is $13.95 for adults and $8.95 for children ages 4-12. Annual passes will be available for $28 for adults and $18 for children. For more information about the New Orleans attraction, including photos and specific exhibit information, please visit http://www.shipwreckandtreasure.com/ .

Odyssey Marine Exploration is an American Stock Exchange Company with several shipwreck projects in various stages of development throughout the world. Additional information about Odyssey, its projects and equipment, is available at http://www.shipwreck.net/ .

For additional information about Odyssey’s Shipwreck & Treasure Adventure, please contact Odyssey Marine’s John McNeilly, Manager of Corporate Communications, at 813-876-1776, ext. 2553.

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