Traveling Ohio on Foot

There’s really no better way to experience a destination than walking. When you walk, you become attuned to a place’s natural sounds and rhythms, take glimpses into the lives of local people and make unexpected discoveries around every corner.

To find the real Ohio, from the sandy shores of Lake Erie to the meandering banks of the Ohio River, from the steep inclines of the Appalachian foothills to the vast expanses of farmland on the edge of the Corn Belt, The Buckeye Trail offers a perfect path.

The 1,435-mile-long trail winds its way around the state and hikers who follow it, even for a short stretch, will be bestowed with a new appreciation for Ohio’s incredible landscapes and communities. The path is marked subtly by blue blazes on the trunks of trees, and the planners made sure that walkers and hikers will see the best each region has to offer.

The Buckeye Trail will take you through remote countryside and city sidewalks. You’ll see many of Ohio’s natural wonders in remote corners of the state, and you’ll pass dozens of historic landmarks. The Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Old Man’s Cave, downtown Akron and the Miami and Erie Canal can all be experienced by following the Buckeye Trail.

To plan your hike of discovery along the Buckeye Trail, visit The Web site offers detailed trail maps as well as descriptions of the amazing sights along Ohio’s longest path.

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