New! On-Line Bookings for On-Track BritRail at

LONDON, May 8 /PRNewswire/ — It’s new! It’s easy to use! It’s fast! It’s BritRail’s online booking system! Buying BritRail Passes and tickets is now just a computer terminal away from every overseas visitor to Britain. It is time to go on-line to get on the tracks.

At travellers around the globe who are heading for Britain can explore the fantastic value options for touring Britain by train. BritRail’s website has all the information needed for planning a fantastic, easy travel trip. There are train times, suggestions for itineraries, details of lovely scenic routes, information about airport raillinks, a rail network map, value added products including the London Visitor Travel Card and Great British Heritage Pass, and answers to the most frequently asked questions. There is a BritRail Pass or point-to-point ticket to suit every traveller’s needs and they are all showcased at and the interactive map is a boon for helping select the right pass for the perfect trip.

For people who want to browse the products and options away from the screen it is easy to download the BritRail brochure.

When the travel plans are complete and the most suitable Pass has been selected, BritRail’s online system is a simple to use, step-by-step, booking process. Fully integrated, Passes, tickets and seat reservations are all available and there is world-class security for Credit cards. Purchases and tickets are delivered within a few days of booking. Buying a BritRail Pass has never been easier.

A BritRail Pass is the passport to stress-free travel in Britain on the excellent network of 19,000 trains daily serving 2,500 stations. It is not essential to make detailed travel plans in advance — BritRail Passes are the perfect companion for people who want a go-as-you-please holiday.

Beautiful Britain beckons — it is the place to be. And with easy travel at prices which are easy on the pocket are now easy to book. BritRail Passes are not on sale in Britain so travellers must buy before they fly. At they can buy without even leaving home.

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