The Real Outback: a Festival of Color and Sound in Video

Waxahachie, TX (PRWEB) August 31, 2006 — Song of the Outback ( has just released its first video. The three-minute video, featuring regional music and images, aims to increase knowledge of and interest in Australia’s Outback, an area little known throughout the Western world.

“I’ve always wanted to share the real Outback with the world,” The Bushman, CEO of Song of the Outback, said recently. “The Internet provides a marvelous opportunity to share videos, photos, sounds, and stories that let people taste the fun and adventure of the Australian Outback.

“I reckon,” he continued, “that most folk think of Australia’s Outback as a desert with a few big rocks, tons of kangaroo, and not much else. That is,” he mused, “if they think of it at all.

“I’d like to change that. The Outback has always meant adventure to those of us who live there. The area’s rich with treasure, gold and gems and art, and lively, plain-speaking residents who create fun from whatever is around them.

“Think about this. How many people have ever raced a camel or competed in a tent-peg match? How many have discovered gold just lying out on the ground? Or slept in a hotel built entirely underground? How many have faced the challenge of going down in a working mine? Or cooked their meals on the back of a shovel? In the Outback, such adventures happen every day.

“I’ll be sharing my Outback regularly when our website, Song of the Outback, rolls into full swing in October. Meanwhile, everyone can experience a bit of it right now by playing our online video at our website. We designed it to change the way people think about the Outback – and, encourage them to think about the Outback a little more often.”

Song of the Outback exists to share the beauty, fun, and adventure of the real Outback with friends around the world.

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