Philippe Starck Wants You to be ‘More Sexy…’

Powerhouse Designer Partners With F6 to Launch Ultra-Luxury Hotel Brand to Redefine The Luxury Hotel

LONDON, March 18 /PRNewswire/ — Internationally renowned lifestyle designer Philippe Starck has a dream to “make a place where people are more awesome, are more sexy, are more smart, more sparkling… ” and he announced today a global partnership for a new ultra-luxury hotel brand, Starck Hotels, that he says will make people fall in love all over again.

Philippe Starck is the world’s leading lifestyle designer with a self described ‘tribe’ of millions who covet his every concept, whether it is for a computer mouse, chair or hotel. It was Starck who redefined what a hotel could be nearly two decades ago and who now, in partnering with Geneva based F6, can finally realize his life long dream to infuse a luxury hotel with what he calls the “beauty of intelligence.”

Starck said he is granting F6 an exclusive Master License Agreement (MLA) to develop, market and operate the brand with Starck providing all design and conceptual support. Starck Hotels will be a subsidiary of F6; formed to launch the brand, work with Starck to develop a new template for an ultra-luxury hotel and identify prime locations to work with partners towards the development of up to 35 hotels in prime locations around the world in the next five years.

F6 is a Geneva based conglomerate led by Chairman and CEO His Highness Prince Faisal F. Al Saud, who formed and operates F6 as an innovative and highly integrated global platform for its successful global luxury lifestyle development initiatives. His Highness and Starck collectively partnered as the catalyst, brains and backbone behind F6′s Starck Hotels initiative.

F6′s CEO said, “In today’s faceless world of high technology there should still be oasis of poetry and love with a touch of whimsy that allows people to enjoy true luxury — the necessary luxury of meaningful moments with friends and family. As the world consistently demonstrates, I can think of no other person that is better able to express this in a physical form than Philippe Starck. We feel confident that our various and growing partners worldwide will want to add a proven success like Starck to their portfolio.”

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