Cornell Professor Identifies Positive Effects of Destination Spa Experience on Interpersonal Skills

ITHACA, N.Y., May 26 /PRNewswire/ — A recent study completed by Professor Mary H. Tabacchi of Cornell University has revealed that the secret to creating better relationships and leading a more balanced and productive life may be learned at a destination spa.

One of the key findings in the study is that respondents felt more connected to family, friends and work associates after a stay at a destination spa. Essential to developing healthy relationships is self-awareness. Destination spas foster contemplation, meditation and self analysis. As a result, destination spa-goers reported feeling a much greater understanding of themselves following a spa vacation and ultimately more connected with others.

Another finding of this study was that destination spa-goers feel more cared for by family, friends and colleagues after a destination spa vacation, which may contribute to better relationships and higher self-confidence. The respondents also reported that their family and friends saw a definite positive change in them.

Better understanding of oneself can also help people discover ways to live with greater balance and higher productivity. The study has also shown that destination spa vacations provide guests with increased focus and creativity in the workplace as well as increased levels of energy and endurance in everyday activities.

“It would appear that a destination spa vacation encourages positive interactions that have a ‘halo’ effect which surrounds and influences the person’s relationships, work associations and social life,” says Tabacchi.

Professor Tabacchi, PhD, RD, of Cornell University School of Hotel Administration and the Center for Survey Research, conducted the study — the first to quantitatively measure the effects of a destination spa vacation.

Respondents were randomly chosen from the guest list of 25 destination spas who are members of the Destination Spa Group (DSG). Five hundred completed surveys were obtained from these guests and compared to a list of 500 randomly selected individuals who had not attended a destination spa but who had taken at least one vacation in the past 12 months.

A destination spa is defined as an environment that is dedicated to providing access to and educating people about the benefits of physical activity, nutritious eating, mind-body connections and therapeutic advantages of massage and body treatments. DSG is an organization of destination spa owners dedicated to educating the public about destination spas. Member spas must meet specific criteria for membership and be committed to providing a health renewing experience. A Destination Spa Vacations guide listing member spas with photographs and pricing information can be obtained by calling DSG at 888-772-4363 or by visiting

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