Private Escapes Destination Clubs Announces New Service For Oenophiles: Cellar Advisors

(FORT COLLINS, COLORADO) – July 5, 2006 – To further distinguish the experience provided to each member of Private Escapes Destination Clubs, the company recently launched a high-end service formerly limited to restaurateurs and private collectors. Cellar Advisors, a St. Louis-based company that serves as experts in the field of wine collecting, will offer Private Escapes Destination Clubs’ members a personal sommelier and preferred pricing for their services. Whether in preparation for a Private Escapes Destination Clubs’ member’s visit or for their personal collection, Cellar Advisors provides independent consulting, advice and assistance for the maintenance, moving and procuring of the finest wines. The only destination club to offer this service, Private Escapes Destination Clubs, an industry pioneer, offers two first and only travel experiences: Private Escapes Premiere and Private Escapes Platinum.

“Enjoying fine wine goes hand-in-hand with relaxation and celebration, thus there is a natural partnership with Cellar Advisors,” said Private Escapes Destination Clubs President Richard Keith. “Vacations are the ideal time to indulge, and we’re pleased to offer our members this unique opportunity to work with the best of the best.”

Private Escapes Destination Clubs sets itself apart from other travel clubs by embracing an intimate member-to-property structure that ensures a favorable occupancy and availability ratio, and offering members exceptional personal attention and service. Launched in 2004, Private Escapes Premiere is the first affordable destination club, while Private Escapes Platinum is the first and only destination club to give its members annual club credits based on the resort real estate portfolio’s appreciation. Both clubs offer virtually unlimited travel to resort residences around the globe.

To use the service, Private Escapes Destination Clubs members will be given a questionnaire regarding their current wine preferences, purchases, past travel, cuisines of interest, wine publications they read, size of their current cellar and the regions they would like to learn more about. When members book their vacation through their Escape Planner, Cellar Advisors sources the pertinent wines and has them delivered to the residence so the bottles are ready and waiting for the members’ enjoyment. Tasting notes from prominent critics, background information on the producer and region and feedback forms will accompany the wine. Cellar Advisors takes several key factors into their recommendations including the destination visited, season, companions, itinerary and interests.

“I was very impressed with how quickly the sommelier responded and the level of detail offered in his service,” said Dr. Brian Dwinnell, a member of Private Escapes Destination Clubs. “A personal sommelier is the perfect added touch to Private Escapes Destination Clubs’ commitment to going above and beyond in making one’s time away from a busy life memorable.”

Although the company has established relationships with numerous vineyards, distributors and auction houses, Cellar Advisors has no particular affiliations with the wine industry, as it focuses on offering unbiased advice based on a customer’s specific preferences and needs.

Chateau Potelle, a Napa-based winery and Oregon’s MacCallum Wines, both owned by members of Private Escapes Destination Clubs, will be available to members, as they both are representative of the fine wines Cellar Advisors selects. Chateau Potelle produces chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, zinfandel and sauvignon blanc, while MacCallum Wines specializes in pinot noir, syrah, viognier and a syrah/cabernet sauvignon blend.

“Our existing clients are serious wine collectors who have high regard for enjoying the best life has to offer, and many of Private Escapes Destination Clubs’ clients are of a like mindset,” said Marc Lazar, president of Cellar Advisors and a certified sommelier. “We hope members will embrace the opportunity to enhance their vacation experience with wines selected to suit their personal style and tastes.”

About Private Escapes Destination Clubs

Incorporated in October 2003, Private Escapes Destination Clubs includes independently owned and operated affiliates Private Escapes Premiere, the first affordable destination club, and Private Escapes Platinum, the first and only destination club that gives members annual club credits based on the resort real estate’s appreciation. Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, each club will ultimately own up to 70 properties in 25 destinations worldwide, capping their membership at 400 each. A 2005 study conducted by an independent, third party research firm identified overall member satisfaction for Private Escapes Destination Clubs as “world class”, citing 96 percent ratings in the categories of satisfaction, advocacy and retention. For more information on Private Escapes Destination Clubs, contact 866.536.4700 or visit For media inquires, please contact Aubrey Gordon at or 303.333.1402.

PHOTO CREDIT: Private Escapes Destination Clubs

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