Proposing Marriage Overseas? Diamonds Will Travel, But Make Sure They’re Protected

NEENAH, Wis., Nov. 21 /PRNewswire/ — Your marriage proposal is planned- the dinner, the ring, the romantic overseas setting. But before you board the plane, stop to consider the unimaginable, advises Tom Adelmann, director of Personal Lines at Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company. What if the ring was stolen before the proposal? What if you lost it?

If your proposal plans involve a suitcase and boarding passes, there are a few suggestions you should follow to ensure the safety of the ring you’ll soon place on your intended’s finger. See .

Tips for traveling
— When traveling, never place the ring in checked luggage. Keep it on
your person — either in your pocket or in your carry-on luggage.

— If you place the ring in your carry-on luggage, watch closely as it
goes through the security screening process. Don’t place your luggage
on the conveyor belt until you are ready to walk through the metal

— Never hide the ring in your hotel room or leave it unattended and
unprotected. If you don’t plan to propose until day three of your
trip, leave the ring in the hotel safe.

— “Most importantly, make sure the ring is properly insured before you
go on your trip,” Adelmann advises. Choose a policy that covers theft,
accidental loss, and mysterious disappearance. A standard homeowners
policy isn’t enough.

Most homeowners policies have a maximum limit for theft that tops out at approximately $1,000. Purchase a jewelry rider through your homeowners policy or consider a separate policy such as the one offered by Jewelers Mutual.

When she says yes
— She won’t want to part with her ring after you’ve given it to her;
however, fingers constrict when they’re cold, so if your trip involves
swimming or snorkeling, consider keeping the ring in the hotel safe.

— If she decides to dab on sunscreen or wash her hands in a public
restroom, it’s best she doesn’t remove her ring.

— If you venture into a crowded area, have her turn her ring so the
diamond is facing the palm of her hand. This will avoid unwanted

— The ring may be too large or small; keep it in the hotel safe if it
doesn’t fit snugly. Have it resized by your jeweler when you get home.

For more tips about how to protect your jewelry, visit .

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