The View is Over the Top at Purple People Bridge Climb!

2006 – LEBANON, OH – Tourists are getting the most spectacular view of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, not to mention a truly “wind-blown” hair-do, from high atop the pedestrian Purple People Bridge.

The bridge, which only has competition in Sydney, Australia for bridge climbing experiences, allows participants to climb “over the top” of the Purple People Bridge that spans the Ohio River.

The bridge originally opened in 1872 for cars as the L & N (Louisville and Nashville) Bridge. Today, the official name is the Newport Southbank Bridge. It serves as a bright purple, pedestrian-only connection to Newport on the Levee in Kentucky and the banks of downtown Cincinnati.

In May 2006, the bridge re-opened with the additions necessary to make it ready for climbers to travel over the top, as pedestrians continue to walk on the pathway below.

The bridge is 2,670 feet in length and spans 140 feet from the river (at the tallest point). At the mid-point of the climb you can look down (beneath your feet), through a transparent portion of the walking surface, to see the river flowing under you.

The climb is receiving a big “thumbs up” from the adventurous souls who have made the climb.


Time: It takes approximately 1 – 1½ hours to make the climb, plus

one hour of training and preparation.

Safety: Each climb is accompanied by a trained guide.

Clothing: Purple and yellow climb suits are required. Sandals and flip-

flops are not permitted.

Cost: General admission day climb $59.95

Sunrise climb $79.95

Sunset climb $79.95

Night climb $79.95

Warren County is not just another tourist destination. It’s Ohio’s Largest Playground!™. World-class attractions and unique events make tourism the county’s leading industry, with 6.7 million annual visitors. The convenient location, with easy access from Interstates 71 and 75 makes Warren County a prime location for visitors to conveniently enjoy a greater possibility of activities in a one-trip destination, than they can anywhere else in Ohio.

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