Radisson Hotels & Resorts(R) Responds to Travelers’ Shifts in Dining Preferences With New ‘Tasteful Choices’ Lifestyle Menu

MINNEAPOLIS, March 16 /PRNewswire/ — In an effort to provide guests with more dining options and support travelers who are committed to maintaining a healthful lifestyle even while traveling, Radisson Hotels & Resorts(R) today announced “Tasteful Choices.” The new menu insert includes 15 innovative options for breakfast, lunch and dinner — each designed to appeal to guests’ unique lifestyles, appetites or special travel occasions. The recipes were developed by the Culinary Institute of America as a collaborative industry service to Carlson Hotels Worldwide, and feature options ranging from healthy and lower-fat to rich and indulgent. Guests can now try the new menu options at participating Radisson hotels across the United States.

Tasteful Choices dining options will be incorporated in a variety of ways, including the hotel’s restaurant menu, room service and catering menus, depending upon the location.

“We are seeing a shift in dining preferences, as some guests, whether they say they’re dieting or not, are choosing healthier menu items when they travel,” said Nancy Johnson, executive vice president and brand leader, Radisson Hotels & Resorts. “Still others view dining out as an opportunity to indulge.”

“The program supports Radisson’s brand positioning that invites guests to ‘Stay Your Own Way.’ Two other ways we are providing more choice for our guests is by currently upgrading the majority of our hotel beds in the United States, Canada and Caribbean to the custom-designed Sleep Number bed by Select Comfort(TM) and by launching Express Yourself, the industry’s first online check-in system.”

The Tasteful Choices menu is built on four basic nutrition platforms: 1) overall healthy and light, with each entree consisting of no more than 800 total calories, 50-55 percent carbohydrates, 12-15 percent protein, and 25-30 percent fat; 2) low carbohydrate offering a restricted amount of carbs, as well as healthy types of protein and dietary fats; 3) lower fat, using the most nutrient-dense ingredients and healthy ratios of fatty acids; and 4) rich and flavorful, in which recipes are not fat-laden, but rather prepared using healthy ingredients and solid cooking techniques.

Victor Gielisse, CMC, associate vice president of the Culinary Institute of America, said, “Food tastes best, and is best for us, when it is prepared in its simplest form with fresh, high-quality ingredients.”

Examples of the Tasteful Choices entrees, which have been pilot tested at Radisson hotels across the U.S., include Lump Crab & Forest Mushroom Omelet with Mascarpone; Grilled Spice-Rubbed Turkey Tenderloin; Scallop and Chicken Red Curry Stir Fry; and Grilled Marinated Flat Iron Steak with Caramelized Onions & Crumbled Blue Cheese.

“Our hope is that guests will recognize the added value that Tasteful Choices offers, and they will appreciate the consistency of knowing that many of their favorite entrees can be found whenever they visit a Radisson hotel,” said Johnson.

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