Rail Europe Offers Online Foreign Currency Exchange

WHITE PLAINS, NY — (MARKET WIRE) — 08/15/2005 — For U.S. travelers, one of the more daunting chores is standing in line at a currency exchange booth, on the day of arrival, bleary-eyed and jet-lagged, to get Euros, pounds, rupees or yen at an unfavorable rate with an exorbitant fee to boot — and then repeat this nightmare every time they need cash.

Now, Rail Europe makes it easier than ever to avoid that unpleasantness by ordering foreign currency for more than 100 countries online at much more favorable exchange rates and for a minimal fee before leaving home. Having enough cash also saves travelers the new 3% surcharge that credit card companies have added to all foreign transactions.

Through a new partnership with eZforex.com, travelers can go to Rail Europe’s recently revamped web site*, www.raileurope.com , and click on “How to save when buying foreign currency” under “Specials and Promotions” on the home page. In addition to railpasses and rail tickets throughout Europe and the UK, Rail Europe’s site also offers other convenient resources, such as links to suppliers of international phone cards, luggage, travel clothing, short term car leasing, maps, guidebooks, tipping and passport information.

For those planning a trip well in advance, the “Buy Foreign Currency” page of Rail Europe’s web site gives you the option of requesting an e-mail reminder to purchase 30 days before departure. And a Currency Price Protection plan allows you to return any unused amount and get the same exchange rate as originally purchased.

For more information or to book rail travel throughout Europe and the U.K., contact a travel agent or log on to www.raileurope.com or call Rail Europe’s toll-free number 1-888-382-7245.

Visit Rail Europe Today: http://www.itravelmag.com/ads.php?name=Rail%20Europe

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