RailPass.com Brings Winter Savings on Travel Through Great Britain: Save 25% on Select BritRail Passes

NEWTON, Mass., Oct. 24 /PRNewswire/ — Although summer is over, travelers can now have fun exploring Great Britain at their leisure, and save money at Wandrian’s Railpass.com (http://www.railpass.com/). Wandrian, a leading global technology and travel distributor for rail products and services, is offering a 25% Off-Peak discount on select BritRail passes for travel between November 1st, 2005 and February 28th, 2006.

BritRail passes are the ultimate way to explore the rolling hills, the vast culture and the historic attractions of England, Wales and Scotland. Travelers can purchase select BritRail passes including the Consecutive Pass, an affordable pass option to take advantage of day after day of continuous travel, and the FlexiPass, a more comprehensive pass option to enjoy the freedom of travel when you want (consecutive or non-consecutive days) for a specific number of days.

Travelers can purchase select BritRail passes including BritRail Consecutive Pass, BritRail FlexiPass, BritRail England Consecutive Pass, BritRail England FlexiPass or BritRail London Plus Pass. With Railpass.com’s Off-Peak promotion, an adult standard class 4-day BritRail FlexiPass will offer complete access to Great Britain for less than $50 a day.

“This offer is just another way Railpass.com and BritRail are able to pass along great savings to consumers in a convenient, affordable way to see Great Britain by rail,” said Mike Fuller, president of Wandrian.

For more information or to book a BritRail Pass, contact Wandrian at 1- 877-RAILPASS or log on to http://www.railpass.com/.

About Wandrian, Inc.

Wandrian is a leading global travel distributor and technology developer for rail products and services. Wandrian provides travel agents with a cost- effective, easy to use site for selling rail at RailAgent.com, while providing consumers with a one stop shop for planning rail travel and buying international rail passes and tickets at RailPass.com. The company provides technology, marketing and fulfillment services to help lower distribution costs for railways and also powers specific international rail travel sites including ItaliaRail.com. Wandrian, based in Newton, MA was founded in 2000 and is funded by Brook Venture Partners and Boston Capital Ventures. The company’s customers and partners include many of the top international travel companies and railroads. For more information visit http://www.wandrian.com/ or call 617-630-0250.

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