Regional Air Carriers Outperform Low Cost and Legacy Providers for On-Time Arrivals in June 2005

Portland, Ore. (PRWEB) July 28, 2005 — FlightStats, a flight performance information service offered by Conducive Technology, reported today that Hawaiian Airlines and Aloha Airlines delivered the best domestic flight arrival performance in June with 94% and 91% on-time flights respectively. For the 6% of Hawaiian Airline’s flights that were delayed more then 15 minutes, the average delay was 42 minutes. Aloha Airline’s 9% flights arriving more than 15 minutes after schedule were late an average of 42 minutes. FlightStats tracks worldwide flights in real-time to calculate both the percentage of flights arriving on-time and the severity of delays, providing a clearer and more comprehensive performance picture.

Other carriers delivering exceptional on-time performance in June included regional carriers Big Sky Airlines (86% on-time with 57 minutes average delay) and Air Midwest (85% and 59 minutes). Amongst the national legacy providers, Continental topped the list with 79% and 63 minutes, with Delta close behind at 73% and 53 minutes. Comparing the low cost carriers, Southwest delivered a strong 81% with 46 minute average delay, followed by Independence (72%, 65 minutes) and JetBlue (70%, 52 minutes). To see the performance of all 56 domestic scheduled passenger carriers, go to

“Never before has definitive flight performance data been available about ALL carriers from a single source,” said Jeff Kennedy, CEO of Conducive Technology, developers of FlightStats. “The FlightStats mission is simple – deliver comprehensive, global, objective, timely and accurate flight performance data in flexible ways to bring value to the transportation industry.” By tracking more carriers, more flights, in more countries and in more detail that any other resource, FlightStats is able to deliver reliable information to airlines, travel agencies and anyone else impacted by flight performance.

About Conducive Technology
Conducive Technology Corp. is a data services provider focused on delivering innovative information solutions to the travel and logistics industries. The Company’s FlightStats product delivers real-time and historical flight performance information that helps customers immediately lower their travel and shipping costs, and improve customer service. FlightStats information can deliver tremendous value at each stage of the travel or shipping transaction, by informing supplier and booking decisions, driving status and notification services, and enhancing post-flight performance analysis. Conducive Technology has broad experience in travel, including development of high-volume e-commerce web sites and web infrastructure for several major airlines. The privately held company is based in Portland, Oregon.

More information about FlightStats can be found at, and information about Conducive is available at

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