Ridgemont Reserve 1792 Celebrates Its Kentucky Heritage….

Official Toasting Bourbon of the Kentucky Bourbon Festival(TM) for 3nd Year

BARDSTOWN, KY — (MARKET WIRE) — 09/08/2005 — Bourbon, which has been the pride of Kentucky for more than 200 years, is enjoying a renaissance in restaurants, lounges, bars and homes from coast to coast.

Within the past decade, interest in super-premium bourbon has skyrocketed, capturing the attention and the taste buds of a growing number of young, urban Americans and long-time bourbon aficionados. And I think we can play up the amazing growth to the brand in a short period of time. This explosion in interest can be seen in the popularity of Ridgemont Reserve 1792® which has become the fifth largest selling bourbon in the country.

Ridgemont Reserve 1792 is a small-batch bourbon whiskey with all the characteristics and flavor of classic bourbon — with an added twist. Crafted for Barton Brands Ltd. by master distiller Greg Davis, who brings years of involvement in creating high-quality bourbon recipes, Ridgemont Reserve 1792 is aged eight years in new, charred white oak barrels for a fuller-bodied taste and a deep, caramel color. Made with traditional Kentucky bourbon ingredients of corn, rye and malted barley, Ridgemont Reserve 1792 uses a higher amount of rye and malted barley to bring added dimension to the bourbon’s distinct flavor.

“Ridgemont Reserve 1792 celebrates what’s great about Kentucky and what’s great about bourbon, from the design of the bottle to its rich, smooth taste,” said Greg Davis, master distiller for Barton Brands Ltd. “This is a high-quality, eight year-old, small-batch bourbon, but it’s accessible to anyone who enjoys traditional spirits. It’s worthy of the best occasions, but it’s equally suited to toasting a night out with friends.”

Bourbon’s Booming Success

In the 70s, bourbon’s popularity was in decline. However, consumer interest in “brown” spirits began to grow with the introduction of super-premium, small-batch bourbons in the early 90s. Appealing to an emerging group of upscale bourbon aficionados, the demand for small-batch bourbons, such as Ridgemont Reserve 1792, is enjoying a resurgence in popularity not only in bourbon’s home state of Kentucky — but also across the country.(1)

The Toast of Kentucky

Bourbon is an American creation and in no other place is it more a part of the culture and the economy than in Kentucky. In the 1920s, Kentucky boasted more than 200 bourbon distilleries. That number shrank to 60 in the 1960s and then to just eight in the 90s. For that reason, Barton Brands Ltd. opted to dedicate their new super-premium bourbon to their Kentucky roots. Ridgemont Reserve 1792 is named for the year the commonwealth of Kentucky entered the Union.

For the third year, 1792 will serve as The Official Toasting Bourbon of the Kentucky Bourbon Festival™ on Sept. 14-18. The relatively new small-batch bourbon will be poured during The Great Kentucky Bourbon Tasting and Gala on September 17.

Ridgemont Reserve 1792 is available at liquor stores, select bars and in the collection of cities that make up America’s “Bourbon Belt.” For more information on Barton Brands Ltd. and their products, please visit www.bartonbrands.com.

Barton Brands, Ltd., a Constellation Brands Company, is a major producer and importer of alcoholic beverages, based in Chicago. Barton Brands is the nation’s third-largest distilled spirits company. With strong national and regional price/value brands and premium brands in select growth categories, Barton Brands is an industry leader.

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