Rising Gas Prices? No Problem. Summer RV Trips Are Still an Affordable Vacation Solution

RV Travelers Save Money and Have Fun Seeing the Great Outdoors

COSTA MESA, Calif., June 6 /PRNewswire/ — Gas prices are climbing, but according to the experts at NADAguides.com (www.NADAguides.com), that shouldn’t curb your summer road trip plans. The vehicle information website offers the following RV travel information to demonstrate the affordability … and fun … of hitting the open highway this summer, no matter the price at the pump.

“Regardless of whether you own an RV or whether you rent one this summer, recreation vehicle travel is affordable and enjoyable,” said Lenny Sims, managing RV editor and vice president, NADAguides.com. “The latest research indicates that RV travel is less expensive than other forms of travel. Besides, you get to experience the great outdoors with your family and friends while having a great time in the process.”

Sims offers the following information to put RV excursions into perspective:

* RV travel remains one of the most affordable ways to travel, even as
fuel prices climb. According to the latest research by PKF
Consulting, a family of four can spend up to 65% less on RV trips
compared to travel by car or plane (and the associated costs of hotel
accommodations) or the cost of a trip on a cruise ship.

* Despite current fuel price increases, RV’ers still remain enthusiastic
as they head into the 2005 summer travel season. Seven out of ten RV
owners surveyed in March of 2005 say they will use recreation vehicles
more this season compared to last year, 50% plan to travel more total
miles than last year and about 25% expect to travel at least the same
amount as last year.

* For a 200-mile road trip at an average of 10 miles per gallon per RV,
the added cost of 20 gallons of fuel (at an additional $1.00 more per
gallon of gas, for example) is a total increase in price of only
$20.00 for the entire trip.

* On average, RV travelers spend approximately $24 per night for a site
at a full-service campground. What’s more, most tend to buy groceries
and enjoy barbecuing and cooking in the outdoors, versus more
expensive restaurant dining. And with approximately 16,000 different
campgrounds nationwide, RV’ers have the flexibility to modify the
distance or length of their trip, a versatile option to keep overall
travel costs down.

* Frequent mini-vacations are a popular choice of travel this summer
season according to a majority of RV’ers. They enjoy the same quality
time with loved ones but take advantage of closer-to-home destinations
(or stay in one place longer) to lower fuel costs associated with
longer trips.

* Domestic RV travel is increasing since more Americans prefer to travel
within the country rather than abroad. RV’ing offers freedom,
flexibility, convenience and comfort over other types of domestic

Don’t own an RV? Don’t worry, says Sims. Today, there are recreation vehicle rental facilities across the U.S. and many cater to families looking to enjoy the experience but who’d like to try their hand at RV’ing first before actually buying one of their own.

Additionally, NADAguides.com offers a variety of recreation vehicle information and services online at its website, www.NADAguides.com. In addition to recreation vehicle pricing and specification information for truck campers, motor homes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, park models and camping trailers, the website also offers towing and tech tips, a campground directory, RV finance, insurance and warranty programs, RV buying, selling and donating programs, emergency road services and much more.

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