Ocean Spray’s Big Apple Bog Open at Rockefeller Center Oct 4 – 7, 2005

Beauty of Cranberry Harvest in the Big Apple to Unveil Mystique of This Powerful Berry

NEW YORK, Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ — During cranberry harvest, the deep red of the floating cranberries, framed against the backdrop of the surrounding fall foliage and bright blue sky, make a stunning scene that many Americans have never experienced — until now. For the first time in history, the breath- taking beauty of the cranberry harvest comes to Rockefeller Center when 2,600 pounds of cranberries fill the Channel Gardens, transforming them into cranberry bogs Oct. 4-7, 2005. This awe-inspiring alteration celebrates the cranberry harvest season and Ocean Spray’s 75th Anniversary by unveiling the mystique and rich history behind this popular, native fruit.

In addition to bringing the bog to the Big Apple, Ocean Spray has planned many cranberry-centric activities for the four-day event.

Visitors to the bog on Oct. 4-6, will be able to talk to third- and fourth-generation cranberry growers about the harvest and its heritage while enjoying the gorgeous sight of the brilliant red bog. The growers will be showing off the fruits of their labor as the cranberry’s colorful history and heritage is visually displayed, showcasing the powerful splendor of the cranberry harvest while highlighting the versatility and health benefits of this phenomenal fruit. Renowned chef Ming Tsai, host of the Simply Ming cooking show on Public Television will also make a special appearance on Oct. 4, to demonstrate his favorite cranberry recipes and share cooking tips with the audience.

“The cranberry is really incredible — from its early American heritage and history, to its uniquely delicious taste and versatility in cooking, to its health and medicinal benefits,” said Ken Romanzi, Domestic Chief Operating Officer of Ocean Spray. “Because of its important role in many holiday traditions and American history, we wanted to take this little berry on its first trip to the Big Apple so we could share its story.”

The installation of a cranberry bog in New York City marks an important first for the bright red berry. Typically grown in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, British Columbia and Quebec, millions of pounds of cranberries are harvested each autumn, starting in mid-September and continuing until early November.

A perennial plant, cranberries grow on long-running vines in sandy bogs and marshes. Most cranberries are “wet harvested,” by flooding a bog with water so the berries float to the surface, and made into a variety of food and juice products. The deep red of the floating cranberries, framed against the backdrop of a bright blue fall sky, makes a stunning visual image that people in New York will now be able to enjoy.

“Not many people have had a chance to see a cranberry bog or talk to an actual cranberry grower about harvesting,” said Rob Speyer, Senior Managing Director of Tishman Speyer Properties, co-owners of Rockefeller Center. “So, we are excited to share the beauty of the bog and the American heritage and tradition of the cranberry with our fellow New Yorkers and out-of-town guests.”

Cranberries bring more than just tradition to the table. The big health benefits of this little red berry are numerous. Cranberries contain powerful nutrients that help cleanse and purify your body to strengthen your defenses. They’re also highest in total antioxidant capacity among common fruits. While drinking cranberry juice cocktail is well-known for reducing the risk of urinary tract infections, the powerful berry has promising health benefits beyond the bladder, including dental, stomach and heart. For more information on cranberry history, health, heritage and harvest, as well as some delicious recipes, please go to http://www.oceanspray.com/.

About Ocean Spray

Ocean Spray(R) is an agricultural cooperative owned by more than 650 cranberry growers in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, British Columbia and Quebec as well as more than 100 Florida grapefruit growers. Ocean Spray was formed 75 years ago by three cranberry growers from Massachusetts and New Jersey. Florida grapefruit growers joined the Cooperative in 1976. Ocean Spray is North America’s leading producer of canned and bottled juices and juice drinks, and has been the best-selling brand name in the canned and bottled juice category since 1981. Ocean Spray posted fiscal 2004 gross sales of roughly $1.4 billion.

About Tishman Speyer Properties

Tishman Speyer Properties is the co-owner and manager of Rockefeller Center, which is the site of numerous public exhibits and events, including annual installations of public art and the New York International Orchid Show. The Art Rock exhibition at Rockefeller Center is consistent with Tishman Speyer’s commitment to bringing world-class art to the public in its more than 40 buildings around the globe. Tishman Speyer has earned a worldwide reputation for innovative utilization of public art in its signature commercial properties, which include Rockefeller Center and The Chrysler Building. Each day an estimated 250,000 people walk through the Rockefeller Plaza complex, which is home to the most famous Christmas Tree in the world.

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