Top of the Rock(TM) Is the Tops!

Rockefeller Center Observation Deck Reopens After 20 Years; Exhibits & Media by Bob Weis Design Island

NEW YORK, Nov. 1 /PRNewswire/ — Families, sightseers, tourists and New Yorkers will find a breathtaking view – and more – at Top of the Rock(TM), Rockefeller Center’s newly renovated observation deck and multimedia visitor experience at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, open today.

Media producer Bob Weis of Bob Weis Design Island used cinematography, video projection, special effects, lighting, props, pictures, voices and words to bring history to life in fresh, relevant ways. Multimedia exhibits, deftly set into the classic 1930s architecture and design of the building, tell the story of how Rockefeller Center was created during the Great Depression and became the Manhattan landmark it is today.

Rockefeller Center co-owner Tishman Speyer called upon architects Gabellini Associates LLP to rejuvenate the observatory (closed to the public since 1986) and engaged Design Island as media producer.

BEAM WALK. Through-the-floor projection enables guests to step into a period construction zone with high steel workers. Walking across a real steel beam, they see images below of the unfinished Rockefeller Center, through the building’s framework down to the street. Ironworkers perform their jobs wearing authentic clothes and using authentic tools. The effect was achieved with a color film loop, designed, photographed and composited with exquisite care.

SKY SHUTTLE. Lighting, projection and media transformed elevators into time machines that take visitors from the exhibits to the observatory. Visitors look up to view the passageway and lights marking each floor, through a transparent ceiling that doubles as a video screen. As the vehicle whizzes up 70 stories, a kaleidoscope of images traverse 70 years, from the 1930s to today.

Three capsule documentaries tell stories in HD digital video:

“A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A ROCKETTE.” Upbeat, heartwarming story of a modern-day Rockette. A young woman realizes her childhood dream to become a member of the famous precision dance troupe that graces Radio City Music Hall.

“TOM BROKAW – THE PLAZA.” Veteran NBC anchor speaks about Rockefeller Center’s historic significance as a news base, revisits some great news moments and events at the Center throughout the years.

“DAVID ROCKEFELLER REMEMBERS.” Age 87, David Rockefeller still enjoys going to his office every day at the complex built by his father, John D. Rockefeller Jr. He reminisces about the history and development of Rockefeller Center as a hub of modern business, internationalism, newscasting and entertainment.

Top of the Rock hours: 8:30 AM to midnight, daily. Tickets: $9-$14, or 877-NYC-ROCK.

Bob Weis Design Island was part of a virtuoso team of entertainment creatives from both US coasts, that functioned as a “virtual company,” collaborating as effectively as if they shared an office in Rockefeller Center. Founded in 1994, Bob Weis Design Island uses tools of immersive storytelling to create places and media that encourage, educate, and enrich. Projects include museums, heritage attractions, corporate venues, entertainment and cinema.

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