Rothschild-Landry Introduces Patent-Pending AirShare(SM)

New Method of Selling Commercial Flights Could Change the Face of Air Travel

ST. FRANCISVILLE, La., May 6 /PRNewswire/ — It’s no secret: Commercial passenger airlines are struggling with massive financial losses exacerbated by rising fuel costs and escalating price wars. At the same time, business travelers flying on short notice with relatively inflexible schedules are stuck paying far more than leisure travelers for the same flights. Is there a way to infuse major carriers with cash, enable business travelers to pay less for flights and create a new revenue stream for travel agents and resellers?

It would seem an impossible task, yet one intellectual property development firm may have the answer. Rothschild-Landry Holding, Inc. ( has just introduced patent-pending AirShare(SM) (, a new method of selling seats on commercial flights that could change the air travel industry.

Inspired by the concept of timeshares in the real estate industry, AirShare will allow airlines to pre-sell fully negotiable and transferable credits, or “AirShares,” to be used as full payment for seats on flights.

“Every major airline has seats that sit empty for hundreds of thousands of miles each day,” said Jesse Rothschild, president and CEO of Rothschild- Landry. “Now, airlines and resellers offering AirShares will sell customers – primarily businesses – the right to use those seats in advance and in bulk.”

Although AirShares are equivalent to purchased flight tickets, they will give holders greater flexibility: Unlike conventional air flight tickets, airline-issued vouchers, frequent flier miles and rewards vouchers, AirShares will be honored with no penalties or blackout dates, are transferable, and can be used at any time within a term. Rothschild stated, “You book your flight as usual, but instead of paying with your credit card, you redeem AirShares.”

The benefits to business travelers and airlines alike will be numerous, explained Rothschild. “For the business traveler, AirShare will lower overall costs, provide predictable flight costs, provide great flexibility in flight scheduling, and spread flight costs over a range of time,” he stated. “The airline selling AirShares, in turn, will dramatically increase near-term cash- flow, generate useful planning data, increase customer retention, secure market segments, and lower costs.”

Reselling AirShares provides excellent new opportunities as well. Online and brick-and-mortar travel agents will be able to sell AirShares for specific flights or as part of package vacation deals, while cruise lines can bundle AirShares with cruises for all-inclusive packages. Businesses, meanwhile, can use AirShares as rewards or incentives for employees or as prizes for customers.

“AirShare is a better way for businesses to reduce their air travel costs, and the companies that bring it to market will benefit enormously,” Rothschild concluded.

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