RV on a Shoestring to Paradise Mexico Travel on a Budget

(PRWEB) August 29, 2005 — The weather is about to turn and you are dreading the impending rain and cold. You dream of traveling to far off exotic places with palm-lined beaches but you don’t think your budget can stretch that far. Or maybe it can.

Mexico RV expert Dot Bell will be giving a seminars in Vancouver BC, Seattle WA, and Tucson AZ for first time RV travelers to Mexico. The seminar is geared towards independent travelers who want to RV without the expense and restrictions of an expensive caravan, but want the confidence and know-how to journey safely.

“You can easily RV safely in Mexico” says Bell who has traveled in Mexico for the last 18 years with her family. She and husband Bill have created the largest RV Mexico website on the internet (www.ontheroadin.com) and receives over 2 million hits per month. “The trick is to be prepared before you go and to know the differences between Mexico and US driving, camping and cultural norms.”

The course is a comprehensive 4-5 hour presentation that includes safety, water and health issues. Bell discusses driving techniques for a safe trip, where to travel to suit your taste and budget.

Thousands of snowbirds from Canada and the US stay 6 months or longer, enjoying the beach and sun, exploring the cities and ancient ruins and otherwise avoiding the grey dreariness of winter back home. Travel by RV makes this extended vacation or trip of a lifetime entirely possible.

Gas and diesel prices are regulated by the Mexican Government and remain low: $2.23 USD per gallon for gas, $2.61 for premium and $1.89 per gallon for diesel. The average RV Park charges $15-20 per night or $350-450 per month for full hookups including electricity. Experienced travelers know where to get the best bargains.

“There are some fantastic no-frills camping spots on the Baja, for example, that cost approximately $7 a night. These spots are right on the sand on Sea of Cortez with a 180 degree view of the water. While they offer little in terms of services, the location is as close to paradise as you can get and the memories will remain with you forever,” says Bell.

“My students want to continue their big adventure when they retire. They are smart enough to want to know the tricks and tips before they go to ensure a safe and economical journey.”

The course will be held at the September 10th in Vancouver, September 14th in Seattle and October 20th in Tucson. Cost is $40 per person or $70 per couple and includes a CD Rom with maps, locations of 400 camping places in Mexico with pictures, reviews and directions. Pre-registration is required.

Phone 1-360-283-5534 for more information.

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