Electric Time’s GPS-Led Audio Tour Opens Up San Francisco

Zero-Emission Easy-to-Use Cars Offers Tourists Autonomy, Insight to Local History

SAN FRANCISCO, May 23 /PRNewswire/ — Electric Time, a San Francisco-based car rental company offering zero-emission electric vehicles, has equipped their 27-car fleet with GPS-powered audio tours. Guided by GPS “hot spots” along three different routes, drivers are given clear directional instructions about where to turn and what to look for around each corner. Using the voices of local San Franciscans, visitors can discover sites of historical note while listening to tales from the bawdy 1800s, the turbulent 1960s and on up to the colorful present.

While gas-guzzling tour buses keep the visitor confined to a strict schedule and rental cars create parking challenges, Electric Time cars enable visitors to explore at their own pace in an environmentally-friendly way without parking hassles. “Our vehicles now offer GPS-guided audio tours that will reveal all the famous — and not so famous — jewels of San Francisco,” said Bryant Benson, Operations Manager of Electric Time. “From the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz and the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, customers can enjoy the unobstructed view and the freedom to stop and take photos anytime they like.”

Easy to drive and hard to miss, these brightly-colored vehicles measure over one foot narrower than an average-sized car and over two feet slimmer than an SUV, making parking a cinch. Rechargeable by a 110-volt outlet, the cars can actually reach their top speed of 25 mph much faster than gas-powered cars due to their low-torque engines.

Once charged, the vehicles are good for two hours of solid driving, approximately 20 miles of San Francisco terrain. It takes less than eight hours to fully charge each vehicle, costing less than a dollar — an amazing solution to Bay Area gas prices which are currently highest in the nation.

Available for $44.00 per hour for a two-seater ($56.00 for a four-seater), Electric Time cars can easily climb San Francisco’s notoriously steep hills while providing exceptional visibility. All Electric Time vehicles come equipped with safety features such as: seatbelts, safety glass, windshield wiper, full lighting (including brake and signal lights,) rear view mirrors, and horn.

Electric Time is a San Francisco-based car rental company that exclusively offers GEM (Global Electric Motorcar) vehicles for locals and tourists alike. The entire 27-car fleet of two and four-seat vehicles come equipped with GPS-powered audio tours packed with points of interest, historical facts and legendary landmarks of beautiful San Francisco. Electric Time was formed with the specific purpose of providing the community with a unique, environmentally-friendly, transportation rental service that positively impacts our quality of life and health. We are located in Fisherman’s Wharf at 485 Jefferson Street. For more information, visit www.etcars.com or please call 415-674-8800.

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