New Travel ‘Lounge’ Experience in San Marcos

Launch Event Series Includes Presentations From Top Cruise Lines

SAN DIEGO, March 8 /PRNewswire/ — Legendary World, the world’s first travel lounge, will host several grand opening experiences that will give guests a taste of what makes this travel consultancy different from your average travel agency. More than just a place to book a vacation, Legendary World will be a place to explore travel dreams and indulge in travel-related interests such as photography, regional wine and food classes and language immersions.

“Cruising isn’t just one size fits all, because the cruise lines and places they travel are so diverse,” explained Scott Caddow, president of Legendary World. “Our grand opening was too big to take just one evening, so we’ve scheduled a series of free events to celebrate the launch of Legendary World and to share some of the many vacation and cruise options with the community.”

Throughout the month of March, Legendary World will offer special savings on a featured cruise line of the week. The March month of savings schedule is as follows:

— Week of March 6th-Holland America Cruise Line
— Week of March 13th-Carnival Cruise Line
— Week of March 20th-Crystal Cruises
— Week of March 27th-Princess Cruises

Every Friday, Legendary World will have a grand opening event that will include a cocktail party and special presentation from cruise line representatives on hot topics in cruising. The event schedule is:

— Friday, March 10th, 5:30-7:00PM -Holland America expert Lucy Lusk
— Friday, March 17th, 5:30-7:00PM -Carnival Cruise Line expert Lori
— Friday, March 24th, 5:30-7:00PM -Crystal Cruises expert Leslie Marshall
— Friday, March 31st, 5:30-7:00PM -Princess Cruises expert Larry Bouligny

Whether clients have been on one cruise or 100, there is something that Legendary World can offer to make sure every vacation is more than memorable. These days, cruises are more than just a floating hotel — many include activities like rock climbing, tango lessons and computer classes. Legendary World is giving a taste of the fun and excitement of planning and taking a cruise with the weeklong savings books and weekend Cruise Nights in order to share with the community all the experiences that cruising has to offer.

Legendary World, previously called The Cruise Place, had its offices destroyed by fire last May. Mr. Caddow took the devastation in stride, reopening his office offsite within 36 hours of the fire and using the event as a springboard to recreate his company.

The transformation of the office includes relocating desks and computers to a back office and opening up the front of the office to include lounge space, a full kitchen and a rotating art gallery sponsored by local galleries. The new layout will be used in day-to-day business operations as well as hosting evening events that tie into the travel experience such as:

— Wine tasting and food pairing events hosted by Sean Fisher of Tastes
restaurant in Encinitas
— Cooking classes with local celebrity chefs
— Photography lessons hosted by area experts
— Language courses by nationally recognized language providers

“We know anyone can book vacations online, but to be able to make the most of your 5 days in Italy, for example, — you need an expert and that’s where we come in,” said Scott. “We know all the best sights, best guides, hottest restaurants. Nobody wants to spend time and money on a bad vacation – you want to come home with the best stories and the most wonderful experiences. That’s what Legendary World gives its clients, the bragging rights to the best time they’ve ever had.”

These events are open to the public, but please RSVP by calling (760) 410-SHIP (7447).

About Legendary World

Legendary World is a $12 million dollar travel consultancy providing expertise in all areas of leisure travel. Legendary World has offices in San Marcos, California, Tucson, Arizona and Kansas City, Kansas and it is a member of the Signature Travel Network co-op. More information about Legendary World is available at or by calling (760) 410-SHIP (7447).

Mr. Caddow also owns and operates The Stratix Group ( ), a technology company specializing in the travel industry. In addition to his business operations, Mr. Caddow is also president of the American Association of Travel Agents ( ), a member-driven organization dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities within the travel industry.

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