Save On Accommodation When You Travel

If you travel for extended periods of time, you will know that one of the biggest costs is accommodation. In fact, having to pay for somewhere to stay can limit where you go and how long you can stay on vacation. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can significantly reduce the cost of rooms for the night, and all you have to do is to plan ahead a little.

One cost-saving approach is to rent a house or apartment in the area where you are staying. Increasingly, people are letting out their own homes while they are away, and you can take advantage of this.

Sites such as Airbnb are a good place to look for somewhere to rent, and also offer you more security than trying to pick up a place on somewhere like Craigslist, since people who stay at properties post reviews on the site. If you really want to save money, you could rent a place at your chosen destination, and then rent your own house out while you are traveling. Depending on how much you get for your home, you might even break even and not end up paying anything.

Of course, if you’re going to do this, you will want to leave the basics – such as dishes – for your guests, but there are going to be lots of things that you don’t want to be touched. If this is the case, you should consider renting some storage and putting your belongings in there for the duration of your vacation.

For example, if you live south of Denver, some of the storage units Colorado Springs has on offer can be extremely economical and convenient. You also get storage units on a short-term rental, so you only end up paying for the time that you use, rather than having to take on a long lease. They are also readily available, so you’re not going to have to look around for a long time to find one.

Another excellent way of getting somewhere cheap to stay when you travel is to book in at a youth hostel. While these are called youth hostels, they are actually open to people of any age, and they provide basic comfortable accommodation.

It used to be that everybody would sleep in bunk beds in a shared dormitory in most youth hostels, but now if you look around you will be able to get a private room. The cost can be a fraction of what you would pay at a mid-range hotel – for example, you can stay as a youth hostel in London for about $30 a night, whereas you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere for under $150 a night if you are looking for a hotel.

The other advantage of staying at a youth hostel is that you get to meet people who share your passion for travel – people who are more excited about where they are going than where they stay when they get there.

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