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LONDON, July 25/PRNewswire/ — ACP Rail International is the recognised professional in selling European rail travel around the world. This expertise is recognised in Scandinavia where ACP is the preferred partner for global selling of the national rail passes of Norway and Sweden, the all-embracing ScanRail Pass plus a host of other products which add great value to travellers to this region.

To travel through Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden the unbeatable value ticket to ride is the ScanRail Pass. This fabulous product opens up the rail routes of all four Scandinavian countries and gives discounts on a number of private rail lines, ferries, bus lines and hotel chains. Passes are available in a number of flexible options.

In Norway, ACP opens the doors to the entire national rail network with the go-as-you-please Norway Railpass. These passes include discounts on the Bergen – Stavanger ferry, on the awe-inspiring Flåm railway and now on the X2000 service linking Norway with Sweden allowing travel between Oslo and Stockholm, Gøteborg or Malmø. For travellers wanting to widen their Norway experience there are Combination Tour tickets which link the different transport modes together into ultra-reliable packages – offering the benefits of organised tours with the joys of freedom. As well as this we now offer one of the railway wonders of the world, the 20km Flåm Railway in the Fjord region.

For Sweden, SwedenRail Pass is the perfect product for touring the country. The passes give access to the trains operated by SJ (SwedishRail) as well as the Connex service to the land of the midnight sun and the Arlanda Airport Express.

ACP has developed simple booking tools for the travel trade. Its web based RailNet booking system, is easy to use enabling ticketing and seat reservations to be done in-house. Back-office functions are taken care of leaving time to concentrate on the customers and earn excellent rates of commission. Sector fares and net rates for creating packages also available.

Find out more now! Go to to browse our 2005 brochure. Then contact us at for 2006 prices, product news and to sign-up to the smart way to sell Scandinavian touring.

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