Create an Online Summer Vacation Scrapbook with Ease

You took your family on the much anticipated vacation, as millions of families have done this summer, and of course, you brought your camera with the hope of capturing those heartwarming moments in the pool, on the horse, or that smile you capture when Mickey Mouse hugs your kid. Now that you have the shots to remember, as many of us do, you’ll upload the pictures to your computer, and……..they will most likely stay there.

What if you had a convenient, appealing and fun way to create a cherished memento of that special time; a way that provides an opportunity for your family and friends to spend time together in a cool house laughing and reminiscing after the trip has ended, even though they may now be scattered all across the country? Now, SharedBook has developed a way to create the perfect, printed Vacation MemoryBook – it’s easy, it’s online AND families and groups can create it TOGETHER.

SharedBook ( is just that; for mom, dad, the kids and even the grandparents to work together in their own personal, collaborative online craft studio of sorts, to create a digital book that can then be converted into a bound edition, full of vacation pictures, personal experiences and anecdotes, with only a few clicks of a mouse. SharedBook is a unique, user friendly website that eliminates the need for emailing pictures and stories back and forth, because it allows all of this to be generated, viewed and edited by anyone you wish and then permits you to choose which photos and stories you want in your own book.

There are over a dozen templates to create online scrapbooks for Life Events (births, adoption and even your family dog), Youth Activities, Travel, and The Arts. There is a SharedBook MemoryBook for almost every occasion, and even more varieties are being developed and launched every week. SharedBook is part blog, part photo album, part online community, making digital scrapbooking a convenient and fun activity for the entire group to enjoy. MemoryBooks start at $27 for soft cover, $49 for hard cover books and can be anywhere from 20 – 200 pages in length.

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