Seoul Marks One Giant Step Towards an Eco-Friendly City

SEOUL, Korea, Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ — Seoul, the cultural hub of Korea, is in the process of becoming an advanced eco-friendly city. The completion of the CheongGyeCheon Stream Restoration Project will mark the eco-advanced rebirth of Seoul. Serving the needs of people and commerce, the urban development project will breathe new life into the thriving cultural capital.

Once a flowing force through Seoul’s downtown sprawl, the CheongGyeCheon Stream was encased in concrete for years, totally obliterating the gushing waters that beautified the city. The restoration will uncover the stream so that it can surge once again through the streets as a rushing symbol of Seoul’s eco-friendly development. October 1 will mark the historic event with the CheongGyeCheon Festival, a happy day of bright costumes and typical Korean dishes. The city-wide celebration also includes floral art exhibits, architecture exhibits, a food festival featuring foods of the world, exhibitions of culture & history, and folk games.

Brutomeso, professor at the Venice School of Architecture commented that, “The CheongGyeCheon Restoration Project will breathe new life into Downtown Seoul. It will mark the beginning of a new chapter in Seoul’s history and also a big, meaningful step towards sustainable urban development.”

To celebrate this cultural and historical event, the Seoul World Mayors Forum will be held, where mayors and world experts will brainstorm on the restoration process and the impact of the stream’s restoration. The event will also help promote Seoul’s new image as an eco-friendly and cultural city to the world. There are lots of events held for families at the CheongGyeCheon Festival so that everyone can celebrate and enjoy the newly restored stream, which has become a new symbol of Seoul. Once the stream is restored, Seoul will be dramatically altered forever into an environmental and human oriented city.

Seoul, the heart of the nation’s politics, economy and culture, has led Korea’s economic development over the last four decades. And now, with the completion of the CheongGyeCheon Stream Restoration Project, Seoul has come to symbolize the nation’s eco-friendly changes.

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