Shanghai Jinshan ”Fengjing Peasants’ Paintings Village” to Open on May 1

SHANGHAI, China, Feb. 17 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ — Shanghai Jinshan District Government announces that after a period of construction, one of the key tourism projects of Jinshan district — “Fengjing Peasants’ Paintings Village” phase I — has taken form.

By taking into account the needs of ”village tours” from various perspectives and through integrating supply, exhibitions, sightseeing and shopping, the village has been constructed. Sightseeing, having meals with the locals, and enjoying the hospitality of local families leaves a sense of enormous satisfaction on the visitors. The whole project of the “Fengjing Peasants’ Paintings Village” is composed of five families and covers an area of 40 mu (about 2.7 hectares). The project is scheduled to formally open on May 1st this year.

The main focal point of the ”Fengjing Peasants’ Paintings Village” consists of 8 buildings. As tourists enter the gatehouse they will come across the reception center, and by following the path they will then enter a quadrangle, which mimics famous architecture of the region, with black bricks, long windows and wooden doors. Covering an area of several hundred square meters, the quadrangle will be used as the exhibition hall for the peasant’s paintings, showcasing the prize-winning works of the Jinshan peasants. North of the exhibition hall there are five newly built homes, including guest rooms, a cooking stove, and a small yard in the middle. The architecture will make tourists feel like that they have returned to the 1930′s and are enjoying life south of the Yangtze River.

About Jinshan District

Jinshan, one of the 19 districts (counties) of Shanghai, is located in the southwest of the city, north of the Hangzhou Bay and west of Zhejiang Province. It is situated at the hub of the economic region linking Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo, and is inside the geographic ring of the Yangtze River Delta that is only a two hours drive away.

Jinshan District has a total land area of 586 square kilometers (about 226 square miles), equivalent to that of Singapore, and a population of 550,000. It has rich natural and cultural heritages, including beautiful beach lines, famous traditional peasant paintings, black ceramic arts and crafts, and a world-renowned petrochemical base.

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