Sit Comfortably on the Beach and Don’t Feel the Burn!

LONDON, August 22/PRNewswire/ — It’s the much anticipated time of year – when most people pack up their bags in search of sun, sea, sand and Sangria – it’s the holiday season, the time for indulgence. However this does not just mean nine long hours of solar rays each day, but of excessive food and alcohol consumption. This sudden change in diet can often cause sun seekers to hit the sack instead of the sun lounger.

Of the estimated 7 million people who fall ill on holiday each year, 90% of illnesses are stomach related. Common conditions suffered are heartburn/indigestion and constipation. The combination of rich foods eaten late at night can be the cause of these gastro conditions.(1)

Dr. Chris Steele the resident GP on ITV’s This Morning television show has recently launched a new patient leaflet ‘Heartburn Explained’. This leaflet advises on the symptoms and best treatments available for heartburn/indigestion, making sure that the only burn felt is from the lack of sun screen!

The change in diet can often cause the digestive system to come to a halt, leaving you feeling bloated and constipated. ‘Are You Sitting Comfortably?’ offers people advice on constipation relief and even describes how to sit correctly on the toilet to overcome bowel problems.

Having an upset stomach is an unpleasant enough experience at the best of times, so when faced with a foreign language it can be very difficult to get the right advice and medication for your symptoms. ‘Heartburn Explained’ and ‘Are You Sitting Comfortably?’ are free and could offer that essential advice that is missing from Doctor Pablo!

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