A Smart Traveler Answers When You Ask Mister Travel

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Jan. 30 /PRNewswire/ — With over 50 years’ experience to draw upon, SmartTraveler.com, Inc., a leader in online travel marketing, has launched AskMisterTravel.com, a free travelers’ resource that centers around providing answers to travelers’ questions, from the common to the complicated.

According to Peter Coloyan, Sr., president, SmartTraveler.com, Inc., and a 30 year travel industry veteran, trade columnist and world traveler, who has been known by many for years as ‘Mister Travel’, the Web site is not just another Internet travel booking site — in fact, you cannot book on the site at all — but it was designed and developed to be an ever growing database of travel knowledge.

“With AskMisterTravel.com, travelers now have a truly unbiased, free service that provides answers to their travel queries from experienced travel professionals. With affiliated experts from several different segments of the travel industry, including airlines, cruises and hotels, and our significant sources of travel data, we are well armed to take on all travel questions. The AskMisterTravel.com staff is available to answer inquiries from travelers as well as media outlets in need of a travel expert,” Coloyan said.

“AskMisterTravel.com was designed to assist travelers with tips and knowledge that will help enhance their travel experience. We are an expanding information site and an educational forum as well. We invite our readers to share their travel experiences. We want to help all travelers become smart travelers!”

You can ask ‘Mister Travel’ a question at http://www.askmistertravel.com/.

About SmartTraveler.com, Inc.

Now in its 10th year online, SmartTraveler.com, Inc. provides travel services via electronic distribution, including its e-mail newsletters, TravelNewsletter and CruiseNewsletter, with over 690,000 total subscribers, as well as via its independent, home based travel agent network, HomeBasedTravelAgents.com. Re-established in 1996 as SmartTraveler.com, Inc., the company’s roots began in 1955 as a family owned travel agency. SmartTraveler.com, Inc. owns over 1,800 travel related Web sites, with over 1,000,000 unique visitors monthly, has 74 agent affiliates in 26 states, Canada and the Bahamas, and is widely recognized in the travel industry as a leader and pioneer in both the online and home based travel markets.

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