Releases the Best Adventure Travel Bargains of 2006

Report Highlights Best Places for Adventure and More

BOSTON, Aug. 15 /PRNewswire/ —, a comprehensive online travel resource, today released a detailed report that offers insight into the best adventure travel bargains for thrill seekers of all ages. From Yellowstone to Costa Rica, SmarterTravel outlines the best places for hiking, cycling, snowshoeing, and more. In addition to the best adventurous bargain getaways, the report offers a series of articles that discuss tips on finding a reputable travel provider, family adventure travel, and the top North American adventure destinations.

“Adventure travel is no longer for just the wild at heart,” said Anne Banas, executive editor of “As a form of travel, it has become more mainstream, especially for travelers from all walks of life seeking to bond and create memories. And now, with affordable options and deals, even the most frugal travelers can find a trip within their budget.”

So what are the best bargains in adventure travel? Morocco, Provence, and China are just a few of the places that offer everything from hiking to rafting to cycling, and more. Where else in the world can thrill seekers find the most bang for the adventure travel buck?

— Sailing the Greek Isles on a 49-foot yacht. For $695 plus a small local
payment, travelers receive eight days aboard a 49-foot yacht, the
services of a full-time captain, and a guaranteed departure regardless
of group size (with a maximum group size of eight). With an itinerary
built for excitement, the group sails off the beaten path and often
makes impromptu stops, i.e., an island for a local festival, a remote
village, a deserted beach, or wherever the wind takes them.

— Trekking and rafting in Nepal. A three-day walk in Kathmandu Valley, a
short trek in the Siklis region, rafting the Trisuli River, and
relaxing by the lake on Pokhara may be just the amount of adventure
some are seeking in this amazing country. For hardcore adventurers, a
hike up Mount Everest offers an iconic journey that stirs even the most
die-hard of travelers.

— Whale watching in Baja California, Mexico. Head into the deep waters of
Boca de Soledad in Baja California, Mexico, as whales swim up and nudge
the hulls of motorized skiffs during a four day trek that includes
naturalist guides, meals, daily motorized skiff excursions, and

For thrill seekers looking to plan their next adventure trip, SmarterTravel offers several articles as part of the report, including:

— “How to pick the right adventure travel provider.” When you first start
planning an adventure trip, you may have no idea which provider to use.
How do you know which companies are reputable and reliable and which
consist of a few opportunists hoping to take your money?

— “Five ways to find an adventure travel bargain.” From last-minute
deals to early-booking discounts, the best deal is the one that gets
you the trip you want at a price you’re comfortable paying. It’s not
always the cheapest — frequently, it’s the one with the best departure
dates, the best itinerary, or the best guides.

— “Goodbye Mickey, Hello Machu Picchu: Family adventure travel is on the
rise.” If you think family travel means road trips, beach resorts, and
photo-ops with people dressed in over-sized mouse costumes, think
again. More and more families are turning away from traditional leisure
vacations, opting instead for adventure tours that challenge their
bodies and minds and strengthen relationships.

— “Five must-do North American adventure destinations.” You don’t have to
travel far in the U.S. and Canada to find wilderness areas ripe with
adventure potential. From red-rock deserts and wild rivers to high
mountain peaks and dense green rainforests, North America’s diverse
landscape offers something for outdoor lovers of all abilities and

— “American Adventurer’s Iceland: Tolkien-esque adventure in the ‘Land of
Fire and Ice.’” In the latest installment of American Adventurer,
SmarterTravel columnist Josh Roberts offers insight from his trek
across the volcanic highlands of southwest Iceland. “Each day reveals a
different side of the highlands. Bubbling pools of sulfuric water greet
us from behind sandy red mounds of volcanic ash before making way for
glacial rivers, broad valleys, and snow-speckled mountain ridges. The
scenery changes not just daily, but by the minute. With 24 hours of
sunlight in these summer months, and no trees to obstruct the view,
visibility extends for miles. What appears to be a small hill in the
morning reveals itself as a 4,000-foot peak by mid-afternoon.”

SmarterTravel’s full adventure travel report is available at:

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