Snowbird Vacation Rental Website Announces 24/7 User Interface

Vacation Rental Owners now have up-to-the-minute abilities, take advantage of a fully automated process for posting rental advertisements on

Daphne, Alabama (PRWEB) November 1, 2006 — SnowBird Beaches, LLC (SnowBird Beaches) today announced a new system of posting rental listings that will greatly streamline the process and provide customers with a highly customizable method for updating their listings.

Advertisers on the Website may now upload up to nine pictures of their property and select from many options of an easy automated posting process, including descriptions, list of amenities and pricing, all updatable 24/7 by the user. In many cases, listings appear online in minutes compared to up to a day using the previous method.

Established in 2002, SnowBird Beaches concept began as just one website, Since that time it has grown to multiple linked Websites serving long term vacation renters and those with properties to rent.

Director of Operations, Sean Beckham, said that customer comments played a major role in prompting the changes. “Feedback from our advertisers really led to this idea of allowing the user to have full control,” Beckham said. “People can now create a verified account and select from numerous options that create a complete advertisement for their rental. Over the years, we’ve become highly attuned to the features that make for an appealing and successful rental. Allowing our customers to choose from those features on the fly and submit to our automated posting system makes a world of difference in getting information out to the public quickly and accurately.”

With the new system in place, existing members will be able to log into their account and modify their current listings instantly. The automated process will allow pictures to be added or removed, rental prices to be updated and listed features to be changed.

Beckham said that the SnowBird Beaches is dedicated to seeking out the best methods to attract long term renters. “They say that a picture is worth a thousand words,” Beckham said. “In appealing to Snowbirds, that may actually be an understatement. Allowing the number of photographs we do can be a technical challenge given the volume of listings we carry. I think it is something worthwhile, though. Renters have a strong desire to see everything they can about a property before committing to it for a number of weeks or even months.” Snowbird Beaches offers up to 9 photos to be uploaded for each rental, which is on the high-end of Websites that offer rental advertising by owners. “Freeing our advertisers up to really show off every angle of their condominium or vacation home does wonders for their success rate and gives a real sense of security to the renter.”

“That’s really what & SnowBird Beaches are about,” Beckham said. “We want to provide the best possible place for property owners to make that connection and for Snowbirds to be able to make their second home dreams a reality. The streamlining of the posting process, listing templates, photo capacity and editing on the fly are just the next logical steps as we continue to be the leader in this market.”

About SnowBird Beaches
SnowBird Beaches, LLC is a world leader in bringing snowbird renters and vacation rental owners together. Established in 2002, the company focuses on the needs of Winter visitors to the warm resort destinations of the United States, and provides solutions for vacation rental owners as well as businesses to meet the unique needs of this exciting and growing demographic of weekly, monthly, and seasonal residents.

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