Song Pumps Up The Volume With Launch of Song Records


Venture Will Leverage Low-Fare Air Service’s Industry-Leading Technology to Showcase Diverse Group of Talented Artists

ATLANTA, May 26 /PRNewswire/ — Song, Delta Air Lines’ low-fare, high- style air service, announced today the launch of Song Records, an innovative brand venture created to celebrate great music and provide a unique platform for showcasing a diverse collection of recording artists. The venture is a collaborative effort involving a variety of partners, including: Song; Creative Branding Group, a premiere entertainment strategic ventures company; Gary Stiffelman, a high profile music attorney; and the music label Artemis Records.

Song Records is entirely about creating an atmosphere that honors music and allows each person to have their own individual listening experience by featuring an extensive array of music, artists and genres and finding unique ways to market, distribute and showcase these musicians and their music beyond just traditional methods.

“Song Records provides us with a melodious way to show our commitment to offering our customers great entertainment which is a fundamental part of the Song brand,” said Joanne Smith, president of Song. “It is incredibly exciting to be able to offer Song Records through unique channels, including our industry-leading in-flight entertainment system. We want to provide something for everyone with Song Records, honoring the music of truly great artists and the individual tastes of those who fly with us.”

Song Records will initially spin with two artists, followed by the introduction of new music each quarter. The first slate of new releases include: Better Than Ezra’s “Before The Robots,” which includes the radio hit “A Lifetime,” scheduled for release on May 31; and, Jaguar Wright’s “Divorcing Neo 2 Marry Soul,” scheduled for release on July 12.

“For this venture to fly, we needed like-minded people who are excited about taking unique risks and partners who can work with us to create a comfortable place for artists to express their individual voice because at the end of the day, this is all about the artists,” said Brooks Branch, president of Creative Branding Group and Song Records partner. “This is a good climate for a project like Song Records, because I think this is a time when all industries need to adapt — from music to retail to airlines — and it is forcing people to become more innovative.”

Consumers will be able to purchase CD’s on select Song flights, as well as in traditional retail stores throughout the United States. In addition, Song plans to make digital download purchases available on Song flights through its IFE system and on its website at .

“This venture was exciting to us because the music industry needs to really take risks and try some different things to create new avenues of visibility and that is what this will do,” said Daniel Glass of Artemis Records. “Having said that, we all agree that it starts with the music and with really great artists.”

About the Artists

Formed in New Orleans, Better Than Ezra began their career by playing the alternative rock club circuit in the southeast. The band made their major label debut with “Deluxe,” which earned platinum status. Their newest release, “Before the Robots,” is the first release from the Song Records/Artemis partnership and features the smash hit single, “A Lifetime.”

Philadelphia’s own Jaguar Wright gained national attention as a part of The Roots family collective and has worked with Jay-Z. In January of 2002, Wright released her debut album, “Denials, Delusions and Decisions” to critical acclaim on The Roots imprint Motive via MCA. On July 12, Wright will release her new album, “Divorcing Neo 2 Marry Soul,” on Song/Artemis Records.

About Song

Song, Delta’s award-winning, low-fare air service, provides non-stop flights between major cities in the Northeast and Florida destinations as well as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Juan and Nassau. Song currently operates a fleet of Boeing 757s with 199 all-leather, all-coach seats. Song will complete the addition of 34 new flights from JFK to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, San Juan and Aruba by September 2, 2005. On May 1, Song began a major expansion from New York’s John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport, launching its new transcontinental service to Los Angeles. On July 4, Song will also begin nonstop daily service from JFK to San Francisco and Seattle. On July 18, Song will introduce new daily service from JFK to San Juan and on July 23, once weekly service from JFK to Aruba.

All Song aircraft are equipped with personal video monitors at each seat, offering a wide array of entertainment features — accessible via touch-screen technology — including: live, DISH Network television; movies on-demand; MP3 programming from more than 1,600 songs and 11 video games. Song also offers a complete on-board food menu featuring healthful, organic food options and a few indulgences, including Song’s newly branded signature cocktails. Song beverages are intended to be enjoyed responsibly by adults.

Customers can use a credit card or cash to make purchases onboard. Song presently serves all three New York metro area airports — JFK, Newark and LaGuardia — the only low-fare service to do so. All Song flights are operated by Delta Air Lines. Song tickets can be purchased by visiting or calling 1-800-FLY-SONG (1-800-359-7664).

About Creative Branding Group

Creative Branding Group is a primarily entertainment-centric strategic ventures firm that helps companies produce and leverage assets through a variety of film, television, music, merchandising and other brand enhancing ventures. With partners like Turner Classic Movies, Discovery Channel, NBC, MGM, Warner Bros., Hermes, Target, and others CBG helps produce some of the most innovative concepts that have helped to redefine ways to utilize traditional industries.

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