The Soul of Ireland: Cultural Landscape of the Western Seaboard

Swept by the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean, the western seaboard of Ireland includes Counties Mayo, Galway, Clare, and Kerry. A lush and lonely land of green hills, craggy cliffs, and windswept islands, western Ireland reveals 6,000 years of history in its ancient megalithic monuments, Bronze Age tombs, legendary castles, and early Christian monasteries. Echoes of pagan rituals, Gaelic conquests, the arrival of Saint Patrick, Viking invasions, and Norman incursions can still be heard in Irish poetry and music—haunting windows into the soul of Ireland.

Join the archaeologist Michael Gibbons for a walking tour of western Ireland’s cultural and natural highlights. Your charming accommodations are located in small coastal villages. Explore the countryside on foot, enjoying easy walks along quiet roads, open tracks, and beaches. Discover fascinating archaeological and historic sites. Dine in local pubs, mingle with the regulars, enjoy the soulful sounds of Uilleann pipes, and dance a jig to lively fiddle rhythms.


• Explore archaeological sites—from a 4,000-year-old Bronze Age farm to tenth-century Christian crosses and a seventeenth-century fort—representing the sweep of Irish history
• Encounter fascinating archaeological and historic sites
• Enjoy an evening of storytelling by Eddie Lenihan, Ireland’s famous folklorist
• Take boat trips to Sceilig Rock and the Isle of Inishbofin
• Walk across this fascinating land of myths, legends and stories

Optional Post-trip: September 30 to October 5, 2007. Be among the few to explore the rarely visited Northwestern Coast. Counties Donegal and Sligo, in the extreme northwest of Ireland, are far removed from the tourist path. This cliff-bound coast offers an unforgettable journey filled with wild country and remarkable sites like Ceide Fields, the best-preserved Neolithic farm landscape in Europe. Post-trip tuition: $1,895

Dates and Tuition
Tuesday, September 18. to Sunday, September 30, 2007
Tuition: $6,995 Nonmember tuition: $7,245 or 800.422.8975

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