Southwest Airlines Fun Summer Travel Tips

DALLAS, April 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Summer is almost here, and great deals on air fares, hotels, and rental car reservations are making a splash at Southwest Airlines (NYSE:LUV) ! Grab your swimsuit and surfboard and log on to, where you can make reservations for all three. But, before you go hangin’ ten, here are a few travel tips to help make your summer travel, well, uh … groovy.

* Chilling at the gate.
While maybe not as fun as chilling at the beach, if children are
traveling alone, parents must arrive at the gate an hour before
departure to check their child in; and parents should not leave until
their child’s plane has taken off.

* “You have to wait 30 minutes after eating before you can go flying.”
Just kidding. But now that we have your attention, it’s a good idea to
pack your favorite meal before jumping on a Southwest flight. The
carrier offers complimentary soft drinks, juices, and light snacks on
all flights; however, Southwest does not serve inflight meals.

* Jimmy Buffet would be so disappointed … we don’t serve margaritas.
Or milk. Southwest does not keep milk onboard our aircraft, so check
your supply before leaving for the airport. Also, when traveling with
children, make sure to bring plenty of books, games, and snacks to
keep them entertained during the flight.

* “Who’s your Daddy?”
Nah … we don’t really need to know this, but we do need to know who
you are. It’s necessary to carry photo identification and keep it
handy at all times while traveling. Customers under the age of 18 are
not required to carry photo identification, but parents should have
proof of age for children under the age of two traveling as a lap

* You snooze, you lose.
You will enjoy a smoother travel experience if you get to the airport
at least an hour ahead of your scheduled departure time. Check
Southwest’s web site,, for updated travel information
and suggested airport arrival times during peak travel periods. Allow
even more time to find a parking space.

* Don’t be a bin hog, dude.
We suggest Customers only pack valuables, medications, eyeglasses, and
other essential items in carryon luggage. Customers are permitted to
carry one bag, plus a smaller, personal item onboard. All carryon
baggage must fit in a sizing box (16″x 10″x 24″) and must be stowed in
overhead bins or below the seat in front of the Customer. Your fellow
travelers will thank you.

* “No Swimming at 30,000 feet!”
You will learn this important tip and many others in our preflight
safety announcement. In all seriousness (yes, we can be serious),
safety comes first at Southwest Airlines. Be sure to take a moment to
familiarize yourself with all emergency procedures.

* Spend your time surfin’ the waves, not the net.
Each Tuesday, Southwest Airlines announces its Click ‘n Save(R)
Internet Specials — amazing low fares and offers available only on
Southwest Airlines’ web sites — and SWABIZ. If you
would like to be notified about our weekly Click ‘n Save Internet
Specials, we offer a free subscription to Click ‘n Save E-mail
Updates, which are delivered every Tuesday. Also, be sure to check
out Southwest’s new online product, DING!, which allows Customers to
download a shortcut to low fares right onto their computer desktop.

* Something to pop a wheelie about!
Southwest Airlines will now check your bicycle for free. That’s right
… as long as the bicycle is packed in a hard-sided bicycle case and
falls within the dimensions and weight limits for normal checked
baggage, we will accept it as one of the three pieces of checked
luggage Southwest allows for free per Customer.

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