Spa Offers Clients the ‘Mind-Body Connection to Go’ With ShouldersBack(TM)

MANCHESTER VILLAGE, Vt., July 28 /PRNewswire/ — Avanyu Spa at the Equinox, a Rock Resort, announced today that it added ShouldersBack to its retail product line, offering this innovative new posture accessory to help clients enjoy the benefits of a good massage — anytime, anywhere.

“Home back care is the next logical retail spa extension,” says Susan Wheeler, Avanyu spa director and member, board of directors, International Spa Association (ISPA). “ShouldersBack fits the strategy by providing ‘on the go’ relief. When clients have special reminders of their spa experience, they come back for more.”

With poor posture at the heart of so many aches and pains, ShouldersBack is a simple way to look slimmer, stand taller and mostly just feel better. Whether standing all day, spending hours at the computer or behind the wheel, ShouldersBack helps users instantly enjoy good posture while remaining flexible and comfortable.

Made from breathable, stretch fabric with adjustable Velcro straps, ShouldersBack was developed by a team of orthopedists to gently coax the wearer’s shoulders back. It safely encourages correct posture and allows a full range of motion.

“While you wear it, ShouldersBack trains the mind and muscles to work together, encouraging an upright stance even after it’s taken off,” says Alexandra Cherubini, President of EquiFit, Inc. the maker of ShouldersBack. “It also eases discomfort that often results from slouching.”

Spa owners project exponential spa growth to continue at least 25 percent a year into the foreseeable future.(1) Anticipating one-third of this increase through retail sales, they know they need to carry more useful, unusual products to remain competitive. Avanyu is betting on this. “ShouldersBack brings the mind-body connection home along with the bonus of posture-generated self-esteem,” says Wheeler. “I should know, that’s why I wear mine.”

ShouldersBack is produced by EquiFit, Inc., a company geared to the active individual interested in health, beauty and fitness. While ShouldersBack can help people with back pain and injuries it is not strictly a medical remedy. It is moving into consumer markets due to its broad appeal.

To try one out visit the Avanyu Spa at the Equinox in Manchester, VT, PH: 1.800.362-4747 or order at, PH: 1.800.225.2610 ext. 128.

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