The Spa at Verana: A Holistic, Tropically Inspired Sanctuary Perched Mid-Air

The Vision

The very intimate Verana hotel occupies an exquisitely serene setting perched above the Bay of Banderas amid the swaying palms of the Valle del Sierra Oriental, just south of Puerto Vallarta. So, it’s only natural to wonder what spa would befit this dramatic intersection of tropical splendor, chic-yet-rustic architecture and pampered luxury on the very roof of Mexico’s southwestern coast.

The answer is the Spa at Verana – and it rises to the challenge beautifully. Owners and creators Heinz Legler and Veronique Lievre have fashioned a destination oasis that perfectly embraces Verana’s blend of earthy simplicity and understated elegance, delivered with exquisite attention to detail and unabashed service. Taking their cue from the unadulterated setting and commitment to creating as natural and holistic a guest experience as possible, the two have crafted one of Mexico’s most remarkable places of personal respite.

Treatment Philosophy

The Spa at Verana’s striking indoor-outdoor orientation maximizes its jungle setting – as well as every guest experience. While many of the most compelling treatment spaces are outdoors, subtle design cues and lush plantings ensure complete privacy without detracting from the natural drama.

Also befitting the Spa’s locale, Legler and Lievre have pledged themselves to administering treatments and proprietary product inspired by indigenous ingredients grown on property or found naturally in the neighboring coastal jungles – including volcanic stone, coffee, coconut, banana, avocado, lemongrass and botanicals used in facials, body washes and scrubs. The result is a harmony of body, soul and nature simply unheard of at conventional spas.

Guests begin each Verana treatment with a soothing footbath ritual while sipping a custom blend of herbal tea amid ocean breezes and aromas of lemongrass, plumeria and other jungle succulents. From there, respite-seekers can opt for facials, scrubs, body washes, massages, yoga and a number of innovative treatment packages – or take advantage of a Spa at Verana exclusive: a Watsu massage, an experience similar to receiving a Zen Shiatsu in a warm water womb.

Facials and Scrubs

All treatment facials include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, masque, emolliating hand and foot massage. The Honey & Citrus Facial combines pure honey with citrus juice and a cucumber recovery to tighten and replenish, while the Banana & Avocado Facelift targets sun-damaged skin with a creamy, customized mask based on two of nature’s most vitamin-rich offerings. So natural is the Organic Facial, guests can actually see and feel the fresh fruit pulp, herbs and other indigenous ingredients in the mask as it cleanses, hydrates, exfoliates and nourishes.

Scrubs at the Spa follow the same emphasis on natural ingredients and are followed by an effleurage massage to ensure maximum relaxation. Options include the Salt Glow & Ginger Scrub, combining the warmth of ginger with exfoliating sea salt, and the Coconut & Sugar Scrub, culminating in a stimulating bath of warm coconut rinse leaving skin creamy, healthy and invigorated.

Body Washes, Massages and Baths

Body washes and massages begin with a soothing scalp and foot massage. The Banana De-tox Wash uses bananas to draw-out impurities and yogurt to tone and moisturize the skin, while the Cucumber Cooling Wash pampers guests who may have indulged a bit too much in the Mexican sun with a cucumber- and aloe-infused treatment designed to cool and begin the healing process.

Offering guests a true customizable experience, the Jungle Massage, administered in the Spa’s private massage hut, is an integrative experience blending the latest deep-tissue, Swedish, Shiatsu, hot-stone or Thai massage technique fused with aromatherapy. To maximize guest options, a 30-minute version is also offered.

Baths at the Spa take on dramatic flair thanks to imposing stone walls that magically transform into a romantic backdrop of flickering candles and star-filled skies after sunset. The Healing Bath, given in the Spa’s plein-air, Japanese-style soaking tubs, calls upon essential oils, bath salts and herbs to relax and release toxins, while the Starlight Aromatherapy Bath, a deep-water, nighttime experience creates the ultimate interlude for romantics; milk and honey infused water, illuminating candles and fragrant flowers offer a private sanctuary for couples seeking an alluring oasis.

Watsu Massage

Guests can enjoy the sublime art of Watsu massage—a soothing type of massage that takes place in waist-deep water, warmed to body temperature. Its name derived from a combination of the words “water” and “shiatsu.”

Floating into blissful states of relaxation, guests are held in warm water by a technician who gently twirls and massages the entire body, first one way then another, taking your body through a series of passive stretches and twists to accomplish deeply restorative and therapeutic effects on the body.

The buoyancy and support of the water allows the spinal column to be moved in ways that aren’t possible on land. Akin to Zen Shiatsu, this warm water therapy encourages emotional equilibrium while promoting trust and connection.


Protruding from the hillside near the pool, the private yoga deck seems to float mid-air, proving a dramatic backdrop for personal exercises and mental escape. Accomplished instructors guide guests through a series of morning, afternoon and private poses for those seeking clarity and emotional harmony.

His and Her Packages

Customized packages offer something for every guest, whether seeking companionship or a solo escape. Designed for a romantic evening, the Romance package facilitates unencumbered languishing in the complete privacy of a striking candlelit, aromatherapy bath while stargazing amid the aromas of plumeria and lemongrass. Unlimited dips in the Watsu pool offer the finishing touches to restoring romance in this epic setting. Meanwhile, the Wellness package blends yoga with an organically inspired facial, wrap and Thai massage for the ultimate detox, while aptly titled Happiness delivers on its promise with an assortment of the Spa’s most deliciously popular treatments, including the Coconut & Sugar Scrub, Banana & Avocado Facial and Milk & Honey Bath.

Coming Soon

Want to take the restorative powers of the Verana Spa home with you? Coming soon to – spa products inspired by Verana’s breathtaking natural beauty and indigenous ingredients will be available for purchase online. Indulge in the Ginger Salt Glow Scrub, Cranberry Lip Kiss, Moisturizing Face Gel, French Green Clay Mask and Peppermint Body Balm – all hand crafted onsite by Verana Spa specialists.

And for those with a bent for celebrating, the Verana Spa will soon offer its one-of-a-kind Tequila De-tox Package, the ultimate anecdote for the quintessentially Mexican tequila hangover.


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