Spokane’s Riverfront Park Home to New Fountain and Gondola

Rotary Fountain welcomes visitors to Spokane’s Riverfront Park. This pool-less fountain features a flat deck around its 60-foot perimeter that is fully accessible to wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers. One-hundred-fifty jets pump water 12 feet into the air in patterns that change throughout the day and year. The fountain covers nearly half an acre, extending from the curb line of Spokane Falls Boulevard at Howard Street to the fore bay of the Spokane River, between the Park’s carrousel and the east end of the meadow by City Hall. Five basalt boulders shoot huge jets of water skyward, forming interlocking arches that surround the fountain. Each jet arches 20-25 feet across. Visitors can safely redirect its gentle pressure by leaning against the spray. For more information, visit www.rotaryfountain.net.

Also new at the park is the Spokane Falls Sky Ride. This gondola includes 15 six-passenger cars with a 530 person per hour capacity. Traveling up to 600 feet per minute, the ride travels on a 2,500-foot loop across the Spokane River, beginning from the southwest corner of Riverfront Park – across the street from City Hall and River Park Square. The average ride length is 15 minutes.
For more information, call Spokane River Front Park at toll free 800-336-7275 or 509-625-6600, or visit

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