Squaremouth inc. Unveils First Fully Customizable Travel Insurance Affiliate System

ST. PETE BEACH, Fla., Jan. 30 /PRNewswire/ — squaremouth inc. (http://www.squaremouth.com/) has just announced the travel industry’s first travel insurance affiliate program. But unlike most affiliate programs, it’s not a system of banners and buttons. The squaremouth program is a fully customizable travel insurance affiliate system from the leader in travel insurance.

“Nothing like this exists in the travel industry,” said Chris Harvey, president of squaremouth inc. “squaremouth affiliates have their own branded quote engines, allowing them to completely customize the system, from look and feel to individual product availability.”

The squaremouth affiliate system is targeted at any company in the travel industry, said Harvey. Successful affiliates include travel agents, travel booking or information websites, group travel planners, travel insurance websites interested in upgrading their engines, insurance agents and even individuals who travel often and commonly refer others.

“An affiliate specializing in high-value vacations, for instance, will want to provide only trip cancellation products, switching off all other policies,” Harvey explained. “A website that provides information to travelers coming into the U.S. or leaving the country for long periods will likely show only long-term medical products. We have more than 100 products, all of which are fully customizable, so each affiliate can really cater to his or her customers’ needs.”

squaremouth also designed its affiliate system with profitability in mind. Affiliates receive a fee on every sale using their affiliate ID made through their website or over the phone, and they can also sign up other affiliates and receive an override fee on every sale they make. Affiliates running multiple websites can track each site’s performance in detail, as well as individual employee performance. Tracking codes can be assigned to help affiliates easily identify their top-converting pay-per-click campaigns.

“The squaremouth comparative travel insurance affiliate program completely changes the conversion dynamic for any company currently providing a travel insurance option. There is an amazing difference between a single product offering and multiple product comparison,” said Harvey. “The traveler is able to easily identify the product that best matches their requirements at the lowest price, often saving hundreds of dollars over an offering using a single provider. Products are priced to appeal to travelers at different age groups with varying trip costs. The product that makes sense for one trip may be the most expensive for another. By providing choice and allowing easy selection, affiliates can dramatically increase their revenue by converting more clients.”

About squaremouth inc.

Founded in 2001, squaremouth.com helps travelers easily and instantly compare all the major travel insurance plans. To ensure customer satisfaction, only insurance providers that meet squaremouth’s strict requirements make it into the system. Along with its unique research capabilities, the site provides instant quotes and coverage and immediate purchase confirmation. squaremouth also offers an extensive library of free articles about all aspects of traveling. To learn more, visit http://www.squaremouth.com/ and http://www.quotetravelinsurance.com/.

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