Summer Travel Tips From US Airways

ARLINGTON, Va., June 6 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — To make your travel as smooth as possible in what is shaping up to be the busiest summer travel season in years, US Airways would like to remind our passengers that being informed is being prepared, and is the ideal source for travel information. Online, customers can make flight reservations, check in for flights, find forms and procedures for children traveling alone, and check up on required documentation for international travel.

By using the “Travel Planning” feature on, customers can see the recommended check-in arrival times at airports across the US Airways system and view up-to-the-minute weather advisories.

Here are some tips from US Airways to help smooth travel this summer:

* Check in online and leave early for the airport. Flight Check-In at allows customers to check in for flights departing within
24 hours, and no later than 90 minutes, before departure. Customers
also can select seats and print boarding passes from a home or office
computer. For checked baggage, see a curbside attendant or visit one of
our 565 Self-Service Check-In Kiosks located at ticket counters in 88

* US Airways is committed to our youngest travelers, and our Kids Class
program for unaccompanied minors is designed to ensure that they are
safe, supervised and comfortable at every step of their journey.
Parents and guardians can review a thorough pre-departure checklist at, as well as complete and print out the required forms.
Even so, we advise customers to arrive extra early at the airport when
seeing off their children.

* Planning on visiting Europe, the Caribbean or another international
destination? To ensure you have the proper travel documentation, which
may include a passport, visa, state-issued birth certificate or
government-issued photo ID, visit the “Travel Planning” link on for destination-specific information. The proper
documentation must be presented at check-in on the day of departure.

* Limit the amount of metal carried before leaving home, like pocket
change, belt buckles and large jewelry, which commonly set off metal
detectors. Some shoes have reinforced metal toes or metal supports in
the heels that could also trigger metal detectors. As a reminder, the
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) banned all lighters onboard
aircraft in April 2005. For more information, visit the TSA website at

* Carry undeveloped film in carry-on luggage. The scanners that checked
baggage goes through could affect film, making pictures look hazy or
blurry. Pack medication and other essential personal belongings in
carry-on baggage as well.

* Be aware of excess, oversize and overweight baggage rules when packing
for a long vacation this summer. US Airways customers can check up to
two pieces of luggage without charge. With the exception of sporting
equipment and special assistance devices, baggage checked on US Airways
must have total dimensions less than 62 inches (157 cm) within the free
baggage allowance.

* Blankets are available on our European and Caribbean flights, as well as
on West Coast flights departing after 9 p.m. Cabin temperatures may
vary, so for added comfort, consider personal preferences and dress
accordingly, even if headed for the tropics.

* Be sure that US Airways has all customer contact information for the
duration of the trip, so that we can make contact with travelers if
there is a flight irregularity. Take the time to replace outdated
luggage tags, and include contact information — and ideally, the
itinerary — inside bags as well, in case the outside tag is separated
from the suitcase.

* Customers requiring special assistance can visit our “Ask A Question”
feature at for information to make your trip go more

US Airways is the nation’s seventh-largest airline, serving 181 communities in the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America. US Airways, US Airways Shuttle and the US Airways Express partner carriers operate approximately 3,400 flights per day. For more information on US Airways flight schedules and fares, visit US Airways online at, or call US Airways Reservations at 1-800-428-4322.

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