Ted’s ‘Top 10 Tips’ for Traveling with Kids During the Holidays

CHICAGO, Dec. 13 /PRNewswire/ — Traveling with children can be made easy in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle with Ted’s(SM) “Top 10 Tips” for traveling with kids:

#1. Pack in some fun: Bring along your kids’ favorite games and
activities, but avoid packing noisy toys that could disturb other
passengers. If you forget to pack something fun, Ted’s new shopping
list has you covered with inexpensive activities such as invisible
ink pen and activity book set ($5) or a magic kit filled with seven
individual tricks and instructions ($15).

#2. Get out the “wiggles”: Children often feel squeamish while
traveling. Ted suggests kids enjoy physical activity before boarding
the plane, and especially between flight connections. Take your kids
for a fun and energetic walk around the airport terminal. Try walking
tips from a set of carry-along instructional cards available on Ted’s
new shopping list. Titled “50 Ways to Walk Yourself Healthy” ($15),
the cards contain ideas for making walking more interesting and

#3. “Water, please”: It’s important to stay hydrated when you fly. Make
sure kids drink fluids before, during and after the flight. Ted
offers kids a choice of complimentary beverages from Ted’s quench
list, and bottled water is always available as a great thirst-

#4. Let kids bring their own carry-on: Have kids pack and carry their
own small bag for the plane. Explain that a security guard could ask
to search their bag and then will return it when finished.

#5. Provide an allowance for the day: Teach your kids about spending
within a budget. Give them a travel allowance for the day and let
them start their budget as soon as they board. Ted’s shopping list
offers several items for only $5, such as playing cards, an origami
finger puppet kit and movie candy.

#6. Chart progress on a map and point out landmarks from 30,000 feet:
Give each of your young travelers a map that includes your starting
point and destination. Have them mark the flight’s progress during
pilot announcements or by listening to United’s “From the Flight
Deck,” an inflight audio program which broadcasts live communication
between your pilots and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) air
route traffic control. For older children, Ted’s shopping list
offers a guide for reading the landscape from the air called “Window
Seat” ($15). It includes 176 full-color aerial photographs, a fold-
out map of North America showing major flight paths and tips on
spotting interesting landmarks.

#7. Take along a travel pal: When kids are in an unfamiliar place or
traveling alone, a cuddly stuffed companion can help them feel at
ease or snuggle them to sleep. If you forget to pack cuddles, Ted’s
shopping list offers plush pal stuffed animals ($10) including a
giraffe, frog and elephant, as well as an exclusive Ted bear ($15).
If your child is under age 11 and traveling alone, notify United at
the time you book your flight so special unaccompanied minor services
can be arranged in advance.

#8. Keep everyone entertained with music and movies: This month on
TedTunes(SM), children can enjoy the sounds of Radio Disney(R) Jingle
Jams and the Chicken Little Soundtrack. TedTV(SM) is featuring the
animated movie, Polar Express. Two people can listen to an iPod or
laptop at the same time using a headphone splitter ($5) available on
Ted’s shopping list.

#9. Treat kids to healthy snacks: Ted suggests offering children a snack
onboard, especially when traveling between meal times. The Ted
FunPack Snackbox ($5) includes a juice box, Goldfish crackers, apple
sauce and more.

#10. Stay comfortable and bring extras: Ted suggests kids wear relaxed
clothing such as jeans and a cozy sweater so they feel comfortable
during their journey. Be sure to pack your carry-on with an extra
clothes, diapers, wipes and other essentials in case you are not able
to get to your checked luggage when needed.

The following are additional tips for ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience during the holidays:

— Arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes prior to scheduled departure
time for domestic flights and at least two hours for international
— Consider having a friend take you to the airport or use a shuttle or
public transportation.
— If you drive yourself, keep jumper cables in the trunk of the car,
just in case the car battery dies while parked in the lot.
— Remember that you can check in for your flight from home at
united.com, and print boarding passes, check bags, confirm upgrades
and pick seat assignments through United’s EasyCheck-in self-serve
— Finally, customers traveling with gifts as carry-on or checked baggage
should not wrap them. All items are subject to searches by the
Transportation Security Administration (TSA), including wrapped gifts.

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