Test Your Vacation Smarts

New Quiz Dispels Common Myths, Helps Travelers Save Money

NEW YORK, Sept. 21 /PRNewswire/ — The travel experts at the U.S. Tour Operators Association have developed a new “Vacation Smarts” quiz — available at www.ustoa.com — to dispel some common myths and help travelers get the best value for their dollar.

“The 10-question, true-false ‘Vacation Smarts’ quiz provides tips such as why waiting for last-minute bargains may not be the best strategy, and how to tell if a company is legitimate. The self-scoring quiz also helps clear up widely-held misconceptions such as tours and vacation packages are the same thing, and there is no difference between tour operators and travel agents,” says USTOA president Bob Whitley.

Each question is followed by an explanation to help travelers make the most informed travel decision.

Examples of five common myths dispelled are:

Tours are mainly for old people.

Buying vacations over the Internet is always cheaper.

Tour operators only offer tours.

It is always best to wait for last minute deals.

You pay more for a vacation if you use a travel agent.

The quiz also explains that USTOA member companies have met the travel industry’s highest standards, including participating in the USTOA Traveler’s Assistance Program. The Traveler’s Assistance Program requires, among other things, that each USTOA member set aside $1 Million security to protect travelers’ payments and deposits if the company goes out of business. USTOA is the only organization in the travel industry with such a program.

“With American traveling at record-breaking levels, and an average per person expenditure of $2,500 per overseas trip the more informed you are, the better able you are to make vacation decisions and get the most for your dollars,” says Bob Whitley, USTOA President, whose members move more than 10.7 million people yearly. “The Vacation Smarts Quiz helps travelers learn important facts that can save them time and money.”

Once travelers have scored their Vacation Smarts, they can use the USTOA web site (www.ustoa.com ) to find a host of information, including a list of USTOA member companies.

USTOA members number over 130 of the top brands packaging travel worldwide.

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