San Angelo Blends Texas Charm and Culture With Affordable Living for Retirees

SAN ANGELO, Texas, Aug. 10 /PRNewswire/ — Roy White of San Angelo, Texas doesn’t miss shoveling snow. The Denver native sought warmer, less snowy environs for his retirement. After an exhaustive search for a retirement destination offering a mild climate, affordable housing, great medical facilities and interesting activities, he honed in on San Angelo.

Nestled in West Central Texas between the Hill Country and Texas’ rolling plains, San Angelo is a best-kept secret among retirement destinations. With a population of nearly 100,000, San Angelo boasts cultural attractions, community events and recreational facilities that rival those of many communities twice its size. With an average of 250 sunny days a year and an average year-round temperature of 65 degrees, the weather can’t be beat.

“I wanted warm weather. I became aware of San Angelo while researching locations in the South,” said White. “I looked up the demographics and weather conditions on the San Angelo website and then came to see it.”

White lives in Rio Concho, San Angelo’s premiere retirement community. Consisting of several communities offering living options for people over 62, Rio Concho provides its residents independent, secure, maintenance free lifestyles in homes they own or rent. Bob Brewer, executive director of Rio Concho says that many Rio Concho residents are attracted to San Angelo by its well-developed healthcare system, consisting of two major medical centers, and acclaimed cultural, arts and civic facilities. The bonus, according to Brewer, is the cost of living. “This is where San Angelo really wins over other retirement destinations,” said Brewer. “We have no state income tax in Texas, our housing is affordable, and nothing in San Angelo is more than about 15 minutes from anything else.”

According to Pamela Miller, vice president of the San Angelo Convention and Visitors Bureau, homes in San Angelo sell for almost a quarter less than the national average. “When you move to San Angelo, you immediately enjoy a financial bonus,” said Miller. “At slightly more than $100,000 on average for resale homes, we offer lots of big city benefits without the associated cost of living.”

“The financial benefits aren’t the only great thing we have to offer,” continued Miller. “San Angelo is a getaway that offers the perfect blend of West Texas charm, outdoor recreation, culture and arts, and just plain old fun.”

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