Tibet Autonomous Region Travel Bureau Introduces Nyching Seven-day Tours….

To Namche Barwa Gorge During the Tsongkapa Butter Lamp Festival

SHANGHAI, China, Dec. 6 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ — Tibet Autonomous Region Travel Bureau Shanghai Office and Shanghai Odyssey Travel Co., Ltd. announced today the introduction of Nyching seven-day tours to Namche Barwa Gorge, allowing tourists the chance to visit Linzhi, Tibet and to appreciate the world’s longest and deepest canyon, as well as the Brahmaputra River. Tours will be available during the Tsongkapa Butter Lamp Festival, which is held on December 26, this year (December 15 according to the Tibetan calendar), in Lhasa.

Namche Barwa, described as ”the most beautiful mountain in China” by the Chinese National Geographic Magazine in 2005, is located in Southeastern Tibet, and stands 7,782 meters above sea level, and is ranked the world’s 15th highest peak. It’s renowned in global mountaineering circles for its steep incline and difficulty rating. Surrounding Namche Barwa is the world-renowned canyon, with an average relative fall between the mountain and canyon of 5,000 meters; Namche Barwa district possesses some of the sharpest changes in landform in the world. The complex and unique geographic and climate conditions make this area of Tibet a natural wildlife resource.

The best seasons for traveling to Namche Barwa are autumn and winter when the humidity is relatively low and visibility is higher than in summer. The average altitude in Linzhi is 2,800 meters making winter a more comfortable time for visitors, as cool temperatures and low humidity make the affects of altitude stress less likely. Sightseeing along the Brahmaputra by Luxury Cruise Ship is another highlight of this trip.

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