Tibet Autonomous Region Travel Bureau to Launch Lhasa Tours….

To Celebrate the Tsongkapa Butter Lamp Festival

SHANGHAI, China, Nov. 23 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ — Tibet Autonomous Region Travel Bureau Shanghai Office and Shanghai Odyssey Travel Co., Ltd. announced today the introduction of flexible tours to Lhasa to help celebrate the traditional ‘Tsongkapa Butter Lamp Festival,’ which will be held on December 26 (Oct. 25 according to the Tibetan calendar).

It is said that the initiator of Tibet’s Yellow Sect, Tsong Khapa, died on December 26 and so all families light butter lamps on their roofs and chant scriptures in appraisal of him. The lamas in temples and the common people form butters of different colors into butter flowers and hang them on flower stands along both sides of the Jokhang. At night, the butter flower lamps are lit, creating a beautiful and unforgettable scene. The lamps are also decorated with all kinds of flowers, immortal figures, and birds and beasts; under the lamps, people dance and sing the whole night long.

About Tsongkapa Butter Lamp Festival

According to record written in Tibetan language, in 1409 AD, the initiator of Tibet’s Yellow Sect (also the Geluk School), Tsong Khapa, dreamed that he arrived at a hillside full of withered grasses and thorns, but suddenly all the withered grasses became flowers and all the thorns became bright lamps, among which all kinds of jewelleries were shining brilliantly. Such a wonderful scenario perplexed Tsong Khapa. Later, he asked the lamas to light butter lamps before the sculpture of Sakyamuni and shape all kinds of flowers with butters decorated with jewelries to create a scenario similar to his dream. The people soon accepted this ceremony and ever since then a grand celebration has been launched on Oct. 25, according to the Tibetan Calendar.

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