Top Five Best Cities for Shopping

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 25, 2006 — Whether you prefer dropping your cash at indoor malls, indie boutiques or neighborhoods filled with every type of store available, the “Top 5 Best Cities for Shopping” has you covered. Members of have rated their top cities for shopping. is the first of its kind online social networking site that employs one’s own personal network of friends and family for reliable travel advice and destination research.

TripConnect’s Top Five: Top Five Best Cities for Shopping:

1. Bangkok: A fascinating city known for its active nightlife and top-notch restaurants, Bangkok is also a shopper’s paradise. TripConnect contributors note Bangkok for having prices that are low, quality that is generally high and a range and variety of items that is “universally amazing.” Look for silks, gemstones, tailor-made clothes and traditional handicrafts, all highlights of Bangkok.

2. Marrakech: Browsers can pick up anything from jewelry to textiles, carpets to herbs, and love potions to camels. Visitors will find the souks (crowded markets in Marrakech) are well worth exploring, regardless of whether they intend to buy anything. Each area specializes in certain products with ironworkers, carpenters, dyers and tailors plying their trade in the tiny shop fronts.

3. Boston: One look at the city’s boutiques, malls, department stores, and outlets and you’ll understand why people flock here to stock up on clothes, shoes, jewelry, and books. Newbury Street is renowned for its finer department stores and boutiques. Blow your budget at the shops on Charles Street at the foot of Beacon Hill, or attempt frugality at the many bookstores of Harvard Square.

4. Milan: The undisputed fashion capital of the world, Milan is rightfully famous for its upscale shopping with such stores as Gucci, Prada, Luis Vuitton and Versace. But this stylish city is also home to some of the best outlet shopping for everything from Bruno Magli to Dolce & Gabbana. The Fiera di Senigallia and Mercatone del Naviglio Grande markets are now considered institutions.

5. Vancouver: A beautiful city that is bookend-ed by the Pacific Ocean and the picturesque mountains is home to some of the most enjoyable shopping districts in North America. A real “walker’s city,” most of the shopping areas are concentrated into a few blocks—South Granville, Main Street and West Broadway with most high end boutiques located on Robson Street. Downtown Pacific Centre Mall is home to both luxury boutiques and department stores. Get Travel Advice from People You Know

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