Despite ‘Dangers’ Tourists Still Flocking To Loch Ness

Tourists continue to visit Scotland, despite new Loch Ness Monster sightings

PHOENIX, July 7 /PRNewswire/ — So you’re planning a summer vacation to Europe, and you really want to visit Scotland and its famous 23-mile long lake. However, you just read about new sightings and a 4-inch tooth being pulled out of a half-eaten deer carcass.

Should you still plan on camping out at Loch Ness?

“Absolutely,” says Michael Schaffer, an accountant at a wholesale meat plant in Michigan. “We’re going in late July; it’s supposed to be beautiful then. Of course, I’d loved to take a picture of this monster. My 14 year old even wants to explore the shoreline, looking for giant animal tracks!”

“Not interested,” says Lauren Hermann. The ninth-grade science teacher, residing in Delray Beach, Florida, altered her plans after seeing photos posted by two American students at “People don’t understand. This is no longer a tourist attraction, this is a predatory fish as big as a school bus.”

Marilyn Miller, who runs a travel agency in New York City, says she’s seen interest in traveling to Scotland jump during the last eight weeks. “Personally, I think it has more to do with the hype for the book (Steve Alten’s “The Loch”) than this tooth nonsense. People read about a place, and then they want to visit.”

The official Scottish Tourism Agency, Visit Scotland, actually advertises in “The Loch,” a recently released thriller about the hunt for the Loch Ness Monster.

“We loved the book, and felt it accurately depicted the Highlands,” says Claire White, who works in the Tourism Industry. “It marks the first time we’ve ever advertised in a novel. We hope the movie deal will come through.”

The LOCH has been optioned by Hollywood filmmaker David Foster, who produced “The Thing,” “Mask of Zorro,” and “The River Wild.” A new documentary, based solely on the science in the book and the latest discoveries at Loch Ness is under development.

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