Tour Tibet in Winter to Experience a Festive Mood; Shanghai Odyssey Travel Introduces Tibetan Winter Tours

SHANGHAI, China, Nov. 3 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ — Shanghai Odyssey Travel Co., Ltd. announces the introduction of winter tours to Tibet under the theme of ”Travel Experts Show You Around Tibet.” The main line focuses on half self- help and special festival activities, which give tourists adequate freedom to enjoy the warmth and peace of Lhasa in winter, and provides those tourists specially interested in Tibetan culture an opportunity to truly experience the life of Tibetans, the solemn religious ceremony and the warmth of folk festivals.

Winter is not usually a peak season for the tourism industry in Tibet. However, it is the very time for tourists to enjoy their most beautiful holiday. In this quiet land, no crowds, no fully booked hotels, no annoying queues for tickets; there are only peaceful temples, quiet Bakor street, pilgrims rotating the prying wheel alone, and religious and folk festivals one after another. There are a total of five large festivals from December to February, namely, Death of Tsongkapa, Driving off Evil Spirits, New Year in Tibetan Calendar, Great Prayer Festival and Butter Lamp. Tourists can happily experience the unique Tibetan culture when touring there in winter.

The winter tours mainly cover two categories:
— Half Self-Help Tour: Travel experts will arrange Tibetan Visa, flight
tickets and hotel. Local guides and tourists can wander around
leisurely in the streets of Lahsa, as guided by the travel experts.
— Package Tour: A 7-day tour of culture in Yalong Valley during Christmas
and New Year, based on the Tibetan calendar. Tourists will have
opportunities to experience the religious ceremony in Tibet-Jokhang
Temple, and have dinner with local residents in traditional Tibetan

Welcoming the first light of morning in the New Year and tasting Chang, butter tea and Tibet Zanba will be a wonderful experience; one you are unlikely to forget.

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Recognized in China and all over the world, the ”Tibet Travel Experts” is a brand established by the Tibet Tourism Bureau Shanghai Office & Shanghai Odyssey Travel Co., Ltd., which has 9 years experience in international tourism for Tibet. They offer a professional, expert service for foreign tourists visiting from abroad, as well as residents in China.

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