Travel With Your Doctor In Your Pocket

Physician-Recommended PassportMD Lets Travelers Take Medical History on the Road

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., April 7 /PRNewswire/ — People traveling domestically or abroad have long faced a troubling possibility: What if they became ill — and their medical records were back at their doctor’s office, which could be closed? These days, travel insurance is not enough.

A Florida doctor has created the solution. PassportMD is medical record storage service that acquires and digitizes a patient’s medical records and stores them on a business card-sized CD-ROM. With over 45-megabyte capacity, the disk can hold critical medical records and other personal data.

“All too often when an emergency occurs to a traveler abroad, precious time is wasted as the medical professional tries to learn about the patient’s medical history,” says Steven Hacker, M.D. The Delray Beach, Fla. physician created PassportMD after his father faced a similar emergency while on a European cruise. “This ensures the patient has a reliable record of his or her past medical history. This is helpful for the doctor, and can be life-saving for the patient.”

Among the information that can be stored is blood type, medications, allergies or emergency family or doctor contact information. It also can store specific records, like a heart patient’s EKG, echocardiograms, stress tests and cardiologist notes, or any chronically ill patient’s records and history. Saved in a simple format accessible by any Windows-based computer, PassportMD guarantees medical records are as close as the card-carrying patient’s wallet.

As part of membership in PassportMD, two copies of the business card-sized CD-ROM are updated twice a year for $64.95.

About PassportMD: PassportMD digitizes important medical records and places them on a CD-ROM small enough to fit in any wallet. For business or leisure travelers, critical medical history and records are there when needed. PassportMD: Medical records for your wallet. For more info, visit , or email at , or call 1.888.902.0808.

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