Travel Expert Tells All; Travel Secrets Exposed

Rick Brown a seasoned travel expert has launched The site provides industry tips and strategies to help any traveller save on their travel.

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) August 26, 2006 — Rick Brown, a seasoned travel expert has created , a website developed to help anyone looking for the best bargains in travel whether its air travel, hotel reservations, cruises or car rentals to find the best deal, upgrade to first class and travel in style. Rick is an expert in the industry and has spent the majority of his travels in the luxury of first and business class on most flights and stays at the finest hotels and resorts worldwide without spending a fortune.

“It’s all about understanding the industry and knowing how to find the absolute best deal. Most people think they get the best rate from the top travel websites, but its not the case all the time” says Rick. “For example, I flew to Australia round trip from the US in business class and I never pay more than $1,000 each way. I also stay at the finest hotels in the world and typically pay a fraction of the best specials found online.”

Rick has a subscription service that is only $19.97 a month, (members can cancel at any time) and he provides fantastic tips and strategies for finding the best rates, deals and bargains from airline tickets and airline upgrades to hotel coupons and car rental codes. Most of the tips and strategies that Rick provides are fantastic unpublished loopholes and certainly not illegal.

“Rick’s creative about how he finds prices and seems to beat the airlines and hotels at their own game.” According to Amanda Ellison, a recent subscriber. “I travel all the time and the cost is nothing compared to what I have saved. She explained.

Rick has traveled worldwide and certainly knows his industry. “The site has hundreds of subscribers”, and as Rick explained, “The majority of subscribers love the updated tips and secrets. We provide our members with updates as soon as we uncover them. And we are soon going to add a video library show subscribers can see exactly how I go about researching my own travel”

Rick relies on his own savvy expertise as well as a few other industry experts to provide his subscribers with fantastic knowledge and advice that can’t be beat.

If you are looking to save hundreds of not thousands on your next trip, learn how Rick travels by visiting his site today at The site not only provides some free advice but you can download a free directory simply by stopping by.
Unlike a travel agent, Rick works on his subscribers behalf and does not take a commission on any travel booked. He simply shows his subscribers how to uncover the best secrets in travel.

Rick Brown certainly is the travel expert on your side.

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