Travel Expected to Reach Highest Levels in a Decade

The travel industry is expecting 2006 to see record numbers of travelers especially in domestic travel. Opportunities for very low priced trips are seen as a major catalyst for the boom.

Branson, MO (PRWEB) March 23, 2006 — An improving economy and a greater emphasis on the quality of life are seen as two of the major catalysts for the expected boom in 2006 travel across the United States and abroad.

More travelers are expected to visit popular destinations in the United States and overseas as an improving economy and changing attitudes focus people’s attention to traveling to some of the most popular destinations.

Domestic travel is likely to see the biggest boom in tourism, especially destinations like Hershey Park, Gatlinburg, Myrtle Beach and other family-friendly destinations. Though many of these destinations are benefiting from the improving economy and the focus on quality of life, another major catalyst is the unique travel opportunities that make these domestic destinations affordable.

Savvy travelers are learning to take advantage of unique opportunities to visit some of these popular destinations through partnerships with vacation companies. Companies like 89 Dollar Travel offer deep discounts on accommodations and attractions in these top destinations as part of a program with reputable vacation clubs.

Travelers in the know understand that they can take advantage of these opportunities by agreeing to participate in an interactive seminar hosted by the vacation club with no further obligations.

The travel industry, already overhauled by the Internet’s technology, has been completely changed by the ability of travel companies like 89 Dollar Travel to bring these unique opportunities to the masses.

With destinations such as Gatlinburg, Hershey Park, Myrtle Beach and others already topping many would-be vacationers venue lists, the ability to visit them at such low rates will further drive tourism to these family-friendly destinations.


89 Dollar Travel is a unique travel company offering $89 travel opportunities to popular destinations throughout the United States. Travelers are required to participate in an interactive, 90 minute presentation as part of the package price.

89 Dollar Travel has travel packages to many destinations throughout the United States including Gatlinburg, Hershey Park, Myrtle Beach and many others.

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